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Rising Music Artist Hayden Todd Creates a Solid Name in the Music Industry

Not everyone who dreams of building a promising music career is fortunate enough to succeed on their first try. Rising music artist Hayden Todd is one of several gifted artists who steadily rose to the top with sheer determination, hard work, and a deep love for music. Having found his unique niche in the competitive music business, he has captured an audience that values authenticity and pure talent. After the release of his debut album GAYPOCALYPSE in 2019, it became apparent that he was an unstoppable force on his way to stardom. 

Hayden became more popularly known for his single “Barbie Girl,” which he released in 2020. While it has always been his dream to build a career in the music and entertainment industries, he never really thought that he would be as well-received as he is today. For the most part, Hayden draws inspiration from the overwhelming responses of his fans to his music. Undeniably, his fans find his songs a refreshing break from the common pop culture that dominates airwaves and streaming platforms. Thanks to his commitment to remaining authentic to his true self, Hayden has attracted a wide array of followers, even on TikTok. At present, he has more than 55k followers after posting his lip-sync acting to the Golden Girls. 

“With each new song that I write and each new performance, my strength as an entertainer constantly grows. My current single ‘Long Lost Love’ is a testament to my growth as an artist and is only a stepping stone to music yet to come. With the support of my family, friends, and fans (my Hot Toddies), I hope to see myself as being a strong role model and voice for the LGBTQ community,” Hayden shared.

The release of “Barbie Girl” was followed by the creation of other songs that highlighted his lyrical and mixing skills. He did features on “FBoy Fall,” “3, 2, 1 Vogue,” “Another Guy (Remix),” “Cap,” and a couple of freestyles to “Whole Lotta Choppas” and “Trollz.” Finally, he released his second album titled Hayden Todd: Volume One in 2021.  

“Since the release of Hayden Todd: Volume One, I have done local performances at The Sun Trapp, an LGBTQ Bar in Salt Lake City, Utah, along with other local venues and LGBTQ events. My most notable performance was opening for Todrick Hall at the Loud & Queer SLC Pride 2021. I have been asked to perform in the Las Vegas Pride, which will be October 10, 2022,” Hayden shared. 

Hayden’s passion for music and entertainment surfaced when he was only five years old after his father introduced him to John Carpenter’s horror film “Halloween.” Right then and there, he knew that he was fated to perform and entertain people. He pursued a film degree at Salt Lake Community College, where he learned to direct, filming, and edit his own music videos. In 2016, he starred in his first independent film titled “Red Eye,” which was written and directed by Deranged Minds Entertainment. 

At the age of 10, Hayden was mostly into rap. He mostly listened to popular hip-hop artists Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, Kanye, and Nicki Minaj. These artists greatly influenced his writing, creating remarkable rhymes, lyrics, songs, and even scripts. That season in his life paved the way for his first music parody called “Lawn Guy.” It was followed by “Salt Lake City Dreams,” which further showcased his gift for music and writing. 

Today, Hayden Todd is one of the most promising artists in the music industry who has what it takes to make it. The future looks bright for this young star in the making who is sure to capture more hearts with his future projects. 


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