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Running on Faith: Pierce Showe's Journey to the Triple Crown of 200s
Photo Courtesy: Pierce Showe

Running on Faith: Pierce Showe’s Journey to the Triple Crown of 200s

In a world where physical and mental limits are constantly being tested, Pierce Showe’s story stands out as a beacon of inspiration. At just 22 years old, this faith-filled ultra-endurance runner has shattered records and redefined what it means to pursue one’s divine potential. With his recent completion of the triple crown of 200s, becoming the youngest person ever, Showe’s journey is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and unyielding determination.

Growing up in a middle-class suburb of Columbus, Ohio, Pierce Showe was always known for his academic prowess and athletic abilities. As an Academic All-American on his high school lacrosse team, Showe seemed destined for conventional success. However, during his time at the University of Southern California studying accounting, he encountered a pivotal moment in his life. The global pandemic and shift to remote learning in March 2020 served as a wake-up call for Showe, leading him to reassess his path.

“In college, after I had given my life to Christ, I realized I wasn’t following my path but the one others expected of me,” Showe reflects on this transformative period. His decision to leave USC and carve out his journey was met with skepticism from many around him. Yet, this courageous step propelled him into an extraordinary adventure in ultra-marathons.

The triple crown of 200s—comprising the Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200, and Moab 240—is recognized as one of the most daunting challenges in ultra-endurance sports. These races are notorious for their brutal elevations and treacherous terrains, which test even the most seasoned athletes’ limits. Showe’s conquering these behemoths at such a young age speaks volumes about his physical strength and mental fortitude.

Throughout his remarkable journey in ultramarathons, several key lessons have emerged:

The Power of a Pacer: Inspired by David Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me,” Showe understood the limitless potential within himself and others when pushed beyond perceived boundaries.

The Power of Your Crew: Likening life to an ultramarathon, he emphasizes the vitality of having a supportive network. “You can’t do it alone,” he states firmly.

The Power of Non-Decision: Facing each race with unwavering resolve eliminates moments of doubt and transforms them into opportunities for creative problem-solving.

The Power of Segmentation: Tackling overwhelming distances by breaking them down into manageable segments allows focus on immediate goals—a strategy that is applicable both on the trail and in everyday life challenges.

As he looks toward future races while prioritizing significant relationships, Pierce Showe remains committed to inspiring others through his actions and words. His story resonates with anyone facing crossroads or daunting challenges; it serves as vivid proof that seemingly insurmountable obstacles can be overcome with faith and perseverance.

“I want readers to be inspired by what I was able to accomplish,” says Showe about sharing his journey publicly through platforms like Instagram. He hopes that others will see themselves capable of achieving much more than they ever thought possible — that all things truly are achievable with God.

Pierce Showe’s narrative transcends mere athletic achievement. It is about embracing one’s potential under divine guidance and daringly pursuing personal goals against all odds. It challenges each individual to question their limitations and inspires them with a profound inquiry: “What else is possible?”

Showe’s accomplishments are not just recorded times or titles; they represent milestones in a lifelong pursuit of realizing human capacity, guided by faith and fueled by an indomitable spirit. This young man’s journey invites us all to an introspective exploration of our paths, encouraging us always to reach greater heights.


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