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San Diego Singer-Songwriter Julie Ann Weiler Inspires with New Single “Something Gets Me”

San Diego-based singer-songwriter, Julie Ann Weiler, has announced the release of her latest single, “Something Gets Me.” Weiler’s journey to this point has been one of ups and downs, with her childhood dream of becoming a songwriter seemingly put on hold due to life circumstances. However, she never lost her passion for music, and her recent decision to commit to her dream has led her to produce a heartfelt and inspiring track.

Growing up in a musical missionary family, Weiler was exposed to the power of songwriting from a young age. They traveled across the United States, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia with her parents and four siblings. Her family performed in various venues, ranging from orphanages and homeless shelters to restaurants, morning TV shows, ballrooms, and even the White House lawn on Easter Sunday. Despite leaving home at 18 and pursuing other paths, she never forgot her dream of writing songs that would touch people’s hearts. After years of raising a family and building a business, Weiler decided to take the leap and commit to her passion for music once more.

In late 2019, Weiler was approached by a producer friend who asked if she was ready to record another album. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Weiler recorded two singles remotely before joining her friend in Texas to record 12 original songs in 2022. “Something Gets Me” is the first single to be released from this new batch of songs.

The song is a moving tribute to a recently passed loved one, with lyrics that move from pain to hope. Weiler’s skillful pop composition is accompanied by a full orchestra, bringing a depth of emotion to the piece. The song crosses over physical bonds and enters that of the eternal by speaking to a love fusion between both worlds. With lyrics rising from a place of pain and burgeoning out into a message of hope, you’ll be pulled in by this artfully produced pop composition that begins with pensive piano and moves into a rousing ballad brought to life by a full orchestra. Weiler hopes that her music will connect with listeners on a personal level and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.

Weiler’s journey shows that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Her story is a reminder that despite the challenges that life may throw your way, it is possible to overcome them and follow your passion. 

Fans can follow Weiler’s musical journey on her website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook @julieannweilermusic. You may listen to her latest release on Spotify.

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