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Santa’s Garden Helps Families Achieve and Celebrate Traditional Holiday

Few people would argue against the charm and allure of doing things traditionally, especially during the holidays. Santa’s Garden understands that every element is essential to make traditional celebrations more memorable. As the premier supplier of Christmas trees, fireworks, and pumpkin patches in South Florida, Santa’s Garden completes every special occasion for the family.

John Martinez, founder of Santa’s Garden and Champion Fireworks, is a full-time entrepreneur. He started the business in 2009 with only a 10×15 feet tent. In just a few years, he has expanded his brand to eight locations. Santa’s Garden can now supply Christmas trees, fireworks, and pumpkins to 50,000 Floridians during the holidays.

With the current scale of Santa’s Garden, the company can provide unique Christmas tree delivery services that are difficult for most companies. Christmases would not be the same without Christmas trees. Every person keeps a fond memory of Christmas trees, and their presence in the home can instantly bring back cherished feelings from childhood. During the recent Christmas season, Santa’s Garden supplied not only trees but also precious moments to countless families.

The bright colors and decorations of a Christmas tree also play an important role. Colors and ornaments make each tree unique and serve as visual reminders for the jubilance that should permeate the holiday season. Understanding this significance, John Martinez also offers to flock the trees for free in any color that the customer prefers. Color combinations include blue and white trees, yellow and blue trees, red and black trees, red polka dot trees, and many more. There is also a wide range of tree heights in Santa’s Garden, from 4-foot trees to 12-foot trees.

Santa’s Garden also supplies a wide variety of fireworks. Nothing marks a celebration quite like an explosive display of lights and sounds. From New Year’s Eve to the Fourth of July, the biggest celebrations often culminate with a stunning firework show. Santa’s Garden helps its customers light up the night sky in an apt expression of optimism in moving on from the past and welcoming the future.

As a company committed to spreading holiday cheer, Santa’s Garden engaged in efforts to help those in need. Martinez and his team donate to less fortunate families who cannot afford to buy a tree for the holidays. Santa’s Garden also donates a portion of all its proceeds to MAP International, a global Christian health organization. Together, they partner with individuals and families living in poverty to help their living conditions.  

Before becoming an entrepreneur, John Martinez entered every job available for him to continue pursuing his dreams. He worked in Taco Bell, the hotel industry, and in other industries. Currently, Martinez is working on opening Santa’s Garden to franchising. The business could become the first Christmas tree company available for franchise opportunities.

Aside from running Santa’s Garden, Martinez is also a professional boxer. He is slotted as the main event on January 23 at the Miramar Amphitheater.

For more information on the complete list of locations and products for Santa’s Garden, please visit their website.


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