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Shay Olivia: Championing Women Empowerment Through Holistic Transformation

While there is no doubt that the world has become more progressive, society remains highly patriarchal. In fact, many still hold the outdated and often harmful belief that females are inferior to males. As a result, a lot of women continue to suffer from all kinds of abuse, including physical, emotional, and even sexual. Cognizant of this, Shay Olivia has made it her mission to guide her fellow womenkind towards success, prosperity, and happiness.

What motivated the inspiring individual to pursue such a noble vocation was her firsthand experience with adversity. Like her clients, she, too, had a painful past filled with unpleasant memories. Fortunately, she overcame these adversities through her sheer will and dedication. Fully aware of how difficult the journey can be, she decided to become a life coach to provide others with a solid support system. 

As the seasoned transformation coach candidly shared, “My calling is to help broken, in transition, post-divorce, unmotivated, distracted, and overlooked women get back on their feet, launch a business and move forward to health and wealth.”

“As a victim and overcomer of psychological, familial, spiritual, physical and financial abuse, I now help thousands of women take action and break free from mental slavery, narcissist bondage and financial drought. Due to my own trials, it has led me to develop an intensive healing and business mastermind group for women in unproductive cycles,” she added.

At the core of Shay Olivia’s advocacy is empowering women to take on a holistic and lasting change that will help transform their lives. Given this, the visionary has developed several coaching and training programs that utilize proven psych principles.

Her extensive curriculum covers all the bases and discusses various subjects like business proficiency, relationship results, mental health optimization, and financial strength. But, more importantly, she shows her mentees how to work a 9 to 5 while bringing in another stream of income. 

On top of this, she has shown an incredible focus on accountability. After all, it is what allowed her to grow herself and her business. She went on to explain, “Daily accountability makes the difference. So that go-between from therapy sessions or other coaches that just meet with you weekly, daily accountability is where it’s at.”

Aside from her unrivaled expertise, what clients like most about the insightful individual is that she is an outstanding listener. 

With her remarkable passion for the vocation excellently paired with a well-engineered system, Shay Olivia has effectively solidified her reputation as one of the most trusted transformation coaches in the country. As a testament to this, the professional has helped countless women become the best version of themselves and ultimately find success and happiness.

In the future, the change-maker remains steadfast in her goal of guiding others to create boundaries and turn their pain into power, their mess into a message. Ultimately, she hopes to scale the success of her platform so she can help more women climax in all areas of their life.


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