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Stylistah Gives Fashionistas a Platform for Launching their Influencer Careers

The biggest challenge for fashionistas who are looking to become fashion influencers is building a following. Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok offer opportunities to share your passion and find fans, but they were not designed with the fashion influencer in mind. Stylistah was.

“Stylistah is absolutely the perfect opportunity for young people and fashionistas to become preferred influencers,” said Andrey Alishayev, the Founder and CEO of Stylistah. “Our platform is a simple solution for people ready to make a statement and build a substantial following. Stylistah helps you to become a legitimate and respected influencer.”

Launched in January 2022, Stylistah is a social platform that empowers users to build profiles focused on sharing their fashions and attracting followers who are inspired by a particular style. There is no cost associated with establishing an account and it can be accessed through any web browser or through the Stylistah app available in both IOS and Android versions.

While the photography that shows off each user’s style is central to what you will find at Stylistah, the platform goes way beyond being a place to view fashion photos. Stylistah’s tagging and linking functionality make it easy for users to communicate where they shop, what they find, and what it costs them.

The tagging tool also allows Stylistah’s users to highlight their fashion niche, which is a strategy that industry insiders say is key to becoming an influencer. Sometimes referred to as your “unique selling point,” an influencer’s niche is the fashion for which he or she is known. Establishing a strong niche is seen as the best path for growing a following and attracting sponsorship and income opportunities.

The Stylistah app also helps users to capture better fashion photos. By providing a photo timer, the app allows for full-body photos. Capturing quality fashion photos is another element that experts highlight as a key to growing a following and becoming an influencer.

Those with Stylistah profiles can list all of their social links on their profile pages, allowing their fans to find them and follow them across all social channels. And the information on Stylistah can be easily translated into more than 100 languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu, meaning influencers can establish a global following.

Stylistah also helps budding influencers to get discovered by featuring all of its users on its front page. With most social platforms, there is no front page. Users typically curate their feeds in a way that avoids new users or they search through saturated fashion hashtags that only allow for the most popular creators to become more popular. Stylistah gives every user the opportunity to shine.

For those using the platform to find new fashion trends and inspiration, the tagging and linking options make it easy to find your style, get a feel for the fit, and understand what it will cost you. You can search across the platform for particular fashion items, limit your looking to fashions for a particular gender, or see all the fashions being shared by a particular user.

A compelling function for shoppers, brands, and users alike is the ability to link from a particular photo to the site where the featured fashions are sold. If you like the diamond cross pendant that Santos is modeling, you can click through to Kay Jewelers and order it. If you like the tube mini skirt that Dina is modeling, you can click through to New Look and see if they have your size. And by adding a coupon code to their posts, users can track who is clicking through for the purpose of collecting commissions.

The global fashion influencer market is booming, with experts predicting it will be a $9.2 billion industry by 2026. For anyone looking to establish their brand, grow their following, and establish themselves as a fashion influencer, Stylistah provides all of the necessary tools.

“So many younger people are looking for a meaningful career in an industry that is fun and profitable,” says  Andrey Alishayev. “This is the time to get into the influencer business and Stylistah provides the right roadmap and a proven strategy.”


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