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Taylor Rochestie: Professional Athlete Inspiring Positivity and Happiness Worldwide

Achieving success for himself is not enough for Taylor Rochestie; he wants other people to achieve the same and even do more. Despite the turbulent year 2020, Taylor is now charging everyone to take stock of the outgone year and set a new path and vision for themselves using his new book, “A New 2020 Vision.” The book encompasses messages of positivity and happiness, and in Taylor’s words, “I want to inspire and add happiness to people’s lives. If anybody lays hands on this book and they connect with a word, sentence or the entire book, and they get some form of happiness, then it’s a success.”

Taylor Rochestie is a well-traveled professional basketball player. He has played for more than 11 years and has lived in 12 countries, interacting and mixing with people all over the world. Taylor Rochestie has immersed himself in diverse cultures and people and has garnered different unique perspectives about life. Beyond basketball, he’s an author, public speaker, father and husband who has worked over the years to spread positivity and happiness worldwide.

He has been featured on Forbes, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and his book got listed in Forbes Magazine’s “21 Books to Read in 2021” and he is both a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best selling Author. Taylor Rochestie carries positive energy with him everywhere he goes, and his on-field and off-field personalities have portrayed him as a people-person. He embodies humility and never shies away from his willingness to learn from other people.

Taylor Rochestie believes strongly that each day and moment should not be taken for granted. He has played before millions of people and recognizes his talents, but he thinks bringing happiness to others’ lives is his greatest calling. He offers his insights and perspectives on life to tens of thousands, and he has put more of that in writing in his new book.

The book addresses the uncertainties of life and what it has been like for everyone worldwide during the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the book, Taylor provides a roadmap that people can follow to achieve a more authentic and inspired self while seeing the world through a filter of positivity and happiness.

Taylor Rochestie’s audience includes athletes, athletic individuals, adventure seekers, achievers and underachievers who all want to lead better, conscious lives and be in control of their destinies. He has seen the world through a wider lens and has interacted with more people than the average person in the world. He has discovered a sense of worth in himself and would like to extend that helping hand of self-realization to others. He understands how important it is to set goals and work hard to make them happen. In his book, he addresses topics around individual empowerment, goal-setting, finding one’s authentic voice and truth, defying odds and living a life of thankfulness.

Taylor Rochestie has created a real-life manual that can edge people closer to happiness and help them lead lives filled with optimism, positivity and good energy.Visit Taylor Rochestie’s official website to learn more. Also, check out his official Twitter and Instagram pages.

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