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The Bettie Gang Twins Carry on Their Mother’s Legacy while Building Theirs through Music

Fraternal twin sisters, LBeezy and SGeezy, are fully aware of their musical talents; but their journey goes beyond fame and stardom for them. Carrying on their mother’s legacy and fiery personality, The Bettie Gang Twins, are laser-focused on building a successful music career and doing great things that fit their mother’s memory. The twin sisters recently got signed to a record label, The Stachehaus, powered by KMG/The Orchard and will showcase their musical range and prowess under the record label’s imprint.

From the Westside of Chicago, Illinois, The Bettie Gang Twins create relatable music that addresses topics like struggle, rage, anger, love, devotion to loved ones and the bond between them as sisters. Since their mother, Ms. Bettie Jones,  passed away on the 27th of December 2015, the sisters have gotten closer and collectively built their music career from scratch. Joining the musical team at The Stachehaus is only a move to amplify their music and help them build a solid presence in the music industry.

The sisters have survived life’s struggles together, experienced grief together, and they bare it all in the lyrics of their songs. The Bettie Gang takes a cue from many other musical talents and stars that have gone ahead of them while also making new templates for the upcoming talents. The Bettie Gang Twins’ goal is to bring greatness to Chicago again, and they seem to be doing a good job with the giant strides they’re taking at the early stages of their career.

According to The Bettie Gang Twins, they believe one thing that sets them apart as musicians is that they do what they preach in their songs. “We live what we rap. We reflect our environment and display them in our music. We understand the trials and struggles of growing up in Chicago and juggle being successful businesswomen. We try to stay abreast of things and keep it as authentic, yet familiar, as possible,” The twins say.

The twins are all about inspiring younger people to believe in their dreams and knowing that they are one day away from achieving success. Being products of their community, they want to show everyone yet to make it out that they can do it. “From the hustlers to the underachievers and misfits who make more, our goal is to show them that it is possible. If we can do it, then they can too,” they say. The Bettie Gang Twins gained more traction after their mother’s tragic death. Even though their music journey already started before their mother’s death, they took it more seriously after her death, and her reputation has kept things going smoothly for them since their career kicked off.

The Bettie Gang Twins aim to become leaders in the music industry and one of the best musicians to ever come out of Chicago. With their music bearing strong messages of inspiration, financial strength, being a go-getter, and independence, The Bettie Gang Twins are inspiring a new tribe of strong young people ready to defy all odds with LBeezy and SGeezy leading the pack themselves.

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