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The UK Revolution Out to Start a Social Media Movement

The world of social media influencing has progressed at an accelerated rate since the beginning of the digital boom. In this age of virtual influence, influencers, YouTubers, and online stars are undoubtedly some of the most dominant individuals on the planet. Riding this trend, a group of British TikTok stars has moved to join forces and start a social media movement that will significantly steer the European and even global social media ecosystem in a new direction. The group calls themselves The UK Revolution.

A collection of artists, content creators, and influencers, The UK Revolution joins the influence and reach of a handful of successful internet personalities. The group includes creators like Ben Chiverton, Connor Robinson, Meadow Waddington, Lucy Bishop, Kayah Lewis, Woody Mabbott, Ethan Vine, Harvey Dug, Kristian Pouncey, James Marshall, Fletcher Massey, Toby Irving, Rio Candlin, Elijah Elliot, and Noah Handscombe.

Collectively, the group combines for a reach of over 7.5 million followers as a whole with 1.3 billion views in 10 months. The UK Revolution exists to activate the global Generation Z market in the UK and beyond. The group is already planning to start opening up cross-promotion opportunities in the US influencing market and tap into some of the biggest national and international brands on American soil. “By doing this, we want to make a statement from the UK that will be seen and heard globally,” shares the group.

Most of The UK Revolution’s influence is on the newest social media giant platform TikTok. Amid COVID-19 lockdowns, the platform skyrocketed in usage and popularity as people who sheltered in place used the app to keep entertained during the worldwide quarantine period. There are over 3.7 million active users in the United Kingdom alone, easily one of the most prevalent TikTok markets today. Many brands have turned to TikTok influencers to propagate messages and campaigns. Today, over 800 million active users are on the platform, making it one of the most powerful platforms. 

Looking to leverage the explosive growth of TikTok, The UK Revolution hopes to ride on the tidal wave that is the social media platform sensation. The group’s big audacious goal is to influence all of the United Kingdom through social media’s power and become a prominent voice for the youth. What’s so special about this group is the influence they have gathered despite only being between fifteen to nineteen years old.

But youth doesn’t seem to be a problem as the group remains driven and passionate about what they do. What’s more is that the group’s unity and bond have kept them singular in their actions and initiatives, increasing the group’s synergy immensely.

In the coming years, The UK Revolution aims to become one of the most successful influencer collectives in the country and the world. They hope to all go mainstream and experience more significant success both as a group and as individuals. “We want the world to know that The UK Revolution is coming, and we are going to make a statement that will be seen and heard globally,” the group declares.


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