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Threads; What could this app do for brands and creators?

Meta rolling out a new social media platform got everyone in the office today: 

The pun-tastic launch of Threads by Meta did not just shake social media managers; it equally rocked the worlds of content marketers, brand managers, and creative directors. And it got all of us posing that one obvious question: Should our brand jump on the bandwagon right away? Or should we let it float past like that disaster girl who totally ignored the fire behind?

Frankly, nobody yet knows. As a brand director at Advertyzed, I always considered Twitter to be a place for voice and grace, but never saw anybody delivering – especially after Elon’s takeover and the outburst. One may think it’d be the same for Threads, but I’d like to think otherwise for now. 

If there’s anything that today’s brands should possess, it is the ability to adapt and embrace the shifting trends. However, not everything can be either black or white. Here are some theories and deep strategy stuff making rounds on social media and Threads itself about the future of this app in this constantly evolving paradigm of digital trends. 

Firstly, what is Threads, and what are we even knitting?

(Sorry for the pun again)

Well, yes, the name got us like that, and it’s pretty genius on Meta’s part! 

Threads is Meta’s standalone Twitter competitor linked with Instagram’s account system. You log into Threads using your Instagram account and can post up to 500 characters, including links, photos, and videos of up to 5 minutes in length. 

Pretty much everything on Threads is like Twitter, except there’s no Musk, and the content moderation hasn’t left the chat. The UI is clean; you can filter notifications, replies, reshares, quote, and thread options are there as well. There are some glitches, but that’s primarily because Meta rushed the release when the bird site drastically restricted access for its users and visitors. 

Let’s move on to the part where we explore the buzz around this new talk of the town.

What is it like to be starting from scratch on a new app?

News Flash: no one is starting fresh on Threads as it is synced with your Instagram account. 

You will not be starting a new cult of products or reach. Mosseri, Instagram’s founder, took it from TikTok, which did not propagate sooner because brands feared starting from scratch. Threads eliminates the challenge of starting a blank on a new app. With this new app, you get instant access to your own audience, allowing digital agencies to extend their social media marketing services

What’s in it for the early birds? 

Threads; What could this app do for brands and creators?

As I said, brands need to be adaptive. There are perks for early adaptors on Threads. Brands can leverage the fruit of organic reach as it’s always abundant in the initial launch phase. As the user base grows, you can establish your brand’s communication and build an interactive following. Just like Netflix is doing here,

Threads hasn’t yet pulled out its algorithm game. As soon as that happens, the great organic reach will disappear into thin air, and ads will start rolling creating room for the best digital marketing agencies in the USA. So, enjoy while it lasts and capitalize as much as you can. 

What Threads can do for sales-focused and branding-oriented businesses, huh? 

Sir, it can make you money. Whether you sell burgers, tees, lip balms, engine oil, books, plumbing services, or coaching lessons, this app is for you. 

Threads; What could this app do for brands and creators?

Threads is the present and future of Moment Marketing. For brands relying on brand awareness and physical/mental availability, Threads can help you build/converse/connect with communities. Your brand can make them laugh, cry, relate, and feel emotions within >500 words. 

If you run a sales-focused business and your dopamine is money, hop on.

What about the creator economy? Brand deals? Paid partnerships? 

Who introduced paid partnerships to you on Instagram? Don’t recall? Well, you call them advertisers and marketing strategists. The same people will bring you bread and butter on this app. Personally, I am dreading the moment this app will be filled with transition videos and paid Threads on the benefits of a certain face serum, but let’s just face it, it will happen, and it will happen soon. Remember how we all were like, ‘oh insta story won’t beat Snapchat, nobody will really use it’ – jokes on the picture of a street cat that you just posted. 

Threads; What could this app do for brands and creators?

With big and small brands joining Threads left and right, there’s something for everyone – monetarily and momentarily. The app managed to score a whooping number of 10M sign-ups in just 7 hours is a testament to Zuckerberg’s vision and the public’s demand for this app. 


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