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5 Health Influencers

There are different types of influencers sharing their lives, experiences, and advice on social media in this day and age. Some of them have decided to share their health issues and how they have improved their lifestyle and habits. We have selected the top 5 health influencers you should be following on Instagram.

Erika Schlick (@thetrailtohealth)

Erika Schlick is a Health Blogger, Cookbook Author, and Health Coach. She has been sharing her knowledge and experiences for many years through her blog, The Trail to Health. Through city guides, recipes, and blog posts, her followers can learn more about her and get a great experience in the kitchen.

After her Lyme Disease diagnosis, she took it upon herself to show people that remission is possible with lifestyle changes and dedication. Now, her 84.1K followers on Instagram can follow her day-to-day life to see what her experience is like and get advice to improve their health.

Ali (@glutenfree_ali.b)

Ali is a mom and photographer from New York who has dedicated her Instagram account to sharing gluten-free recipes and options with her 14.8K followers. What she enjoys the most other than being a mom is finding and trying new gluten-free foods.

She is a great inspiration for everyone going through the gluten-free change in their lives. Ali proves there are plenty of delicious options to match your dietary needs.

Molly Pelletier (@zucchini.who)

Molly Pelletier, like Erika Schlick, shares a lot of travel options for people with dietary restrictions. On top of that, she gives her 10.7K followers approachable recipes to follow in the kitchen without the fear of not knowing what to do.

Molly discusses gut health, IBS, and acid reflux with her followers and those who decide to contact her privately. She believes in mind-gut connection and can discuss BSc + MS in nutrition. She can also be found on YouTube.

Sarah Micheal Griffin (@noshandgrub)

Sarah Micheal Griffin’s Instagram is covered in beautiful pictures of delicious foods that celiacs can enjoy. She shares with her almost 2K followers how flavorsome life can be when you eat gluten-free and do not eat red meat.

She follows Traditional Chinese Medicine and is Naturopathic, which can be reflected in the recipes and meals she photographs. One of the best things Sarah does is share awareness regarding Celiac Disease.

Kim Soltis (@kimglutenfree)

For many years, eating gluten-free could be difficult, but health influencers like Kim Soltis prove it is not impossible. She introduces herself as the girl who worked at a bakery and then got celiacs, and her 2K followers are in on the story.

Like Sarah Micheal Griffin, she shares beautiful photos of delicious meals that people with gluten-free diets can try. From salty goods to mouth-watering cakes, Kim has the perfect alternatives for you to continue eating your favorite meals.

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