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Veronica Suppa, Founder of Babe Lab, Fascinates Beauty lovers With Lip Blush Treatment

Makeup products are adored by many around the world, but their effects are ethereal, which means a single look to last for hours can cost a pretty hefty sum. With this, people are beginning to embrace semi-permanent makeup treatments, and Veronica Suppa is taking the lead with her signature lip blush treatment.

Following her passion for beauty and skin care, Veronica began her journey in Spain immediately after graduating as a medical aesthetician. She then moved to New York to continue her education and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Despite going back to school, Veronica knew that skincare and beauty were her main passion, an area that piques her determination to thrive. Since then, she has worked in the field as a cosmetic RN, working with top aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons in Miami and New York over the past ten years. Finally, Veronica took a leap of faith and opened her own studio, Babe Lab, in Miami, specializing in lip blush treatment makeup and skin care.​​

The lip blush treatment is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the color and shape of the lips to give the impression of more fullness. The treatment is done by depositing color ink into the lips and along the lip line to improve the overall look. Giving a subtle and natural-looking result compared to other permanent cosmetic tattoos. Veronica and her team strive to deliver seamless treatments to ensure customer satisfaction every time. The lip blush treatment is renowned in the industry for its natural results and longevity, saving busy women a great deal of time from the mirror while getting ready in the morning and having a lip color that lasts throughout the day.

“Most people are unaware of lip blush and the benefits of this treatment. Very common outside the United States, lip blushing is the process of using lip tinting to highlight and complement the existing tone of the lips. Subtle and natural, blushing leaves you looking young, refreshed, and ready for anything,” said Veronica. “You can also match your favorite lipstick too if you choose. It is semi-permanent, meaning it will last you two to three years. Imagine the time and money you save on makeup!”

The lip blush treatment is also perfect for mothers who do not want to leave marks on their children’s cheeks, women with dark lips, women who want to improve the fullness of their lips without injectables, and women who want their lips to look more even, as well as everyone wanting to get into the latest lip trend. 

“Most people do not know that there is no required career or background to start performing semi-permanent tattoos on your face. Besides the art, there needs to be hygiene and proper sterilization techniques. During treatment, you deal with open skin and blood; there is a risk for contamination if proper protocol is not followed,” Veronica explained. “My nursing background gives me excellent knowledge and understanding on this subject as well as medications, medical conditions, and potential complications some clients may have,” she added further.

Besides Lip Blush, other services available at BabeLab include collagen induction therapy (microneedling), dermaplaning and chemical peels that can address pigmentation and/or acne. The expert also prides herself on being able to build relationships with her clients over the years as she helped them achieve their goals. Veronica strives to provide personalized services fit for her clients’ unique needs. 


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