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Yasmeen Golden Transforms and Empowers Others Through Coaching
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Yasmeen Golden Transforms and Empowers Others Through Coaching

Yasmeen Golden’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of life-altering challenges. In 2021, she received the devastating diagnosis of Diffuse B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of blood cancer located in her chest. 

What makes her story unique is that this diagnosis came about following a traumatic accident in which she was struck by a car while hiking in the secluded trails of Malibu and Topanga Canyon. When she arrived at the hospital to treat her injuries obtained by the accident, she had no clue the news she was about to be given. Doctors, concerned about a potential head injury, ordered an MRI scan to assess the damage that had been done. Though the scan showed a traumatic brain injury the bigger news of the scan was the surprise softball-sized mass in her chest. Yasmeen was faced with the dual challenge of healing from her injuries acquired in the accident while now being burdened with having to navigate finding a diagnosis. Three months and 2 inconclusive biopsies later she finally got a diagnosis of mediastinal diffuse B cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma blood cancer.

When it comes to blood cancer, scientists still do not have a definitive answer for what the cause for blood cancer is. That being said, growing up in Long Beach, an industrial town with a history of pollution, Yasmeen wondered if these environmental factors played a role in her diagnosis. She also mentioned the emotional build-up, believing that suppressed childhood traumas and unresolved emotional issues might have contributed.

Additionally, Yasmeen was born with a rare dietary condition called PKU, which impairs protein metabolism. She speculated whether this genetic condition had any connection to her cancer diagnosis, although no medical confirmation by her doctors was able to be provided.

In 2021, Yasmeen was diagnosed with cancer during her return to California after pursuing higher education in Hawaii and completing an accelerated nursing program. Her background in nursing gave her a unique perspective as a patient, allowing her to properly evaluate medical decisions and advocate for her own health effectively.

Yasmeen Golden Transforms and Empowers Others Through Coaching
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She reflects on her experience: “I’d worked with cancer patients before and with various other medical cases, since I worked in the float pool of many hospitals in the past. When everything flipped and I became the patient, I found myself in a position where doctors and nurses were making decisions regarding my health that I disagreed with based on my own medical background. I’m not an Oncologist but I live in my body and I know what works best for me”. Her insight led to many critical interventions that potentially saved her life.

Although her cancer diagnosis was isolating due to COVID restrictions, Yasmeen has now connected with fellow cancer survivors since coming out of quarantine. Discovering that each person’s cancer journey is not like the other and how much power really lies in community. 

Her chemotherapy regimen was rigorous, with six consecutive days of treatment involving 24-hour infusions for 5 months with 2 week breaks between infusions and 30 days of proton radiation. This challenging treatment journey is common for cancer patients with non hodgkins lymphoma.

Yasmeen’s experiences have left an indelible mark on her life. She embraced her faith and discovered a newfound appreciation for life’s brevity. “Life is too short to hold onto negativity or go through the motions,” she emphasizes.

She also learned through her chemotherapy regimen the profound impact of proper hydration on health and well-being. “Water and proper body movement has the capability of fixing 95% of your issues or at least improving your health,” she claims, emphasizing the transformative effects of stretching daily and staying adequately hydrated. 

Yasmeen Golden Transforms and Empowers Others Through Coaching
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In her post-cancer life, Yasmeen has embarked on a new mission: empowering others to take control of their health and their life. She founded a coaching business that specializes in nutrition, health coaching, and 1 to 1 advocacy coaching, with a particular focus on individuals with complex health issues. Her workshops, geared toward lifestyle hacks, cancer survivorship, those with metabolic conditions, aim to provide guidance and support to her community.

Yasmeen Golden’s story serves as an inspiring testament to resilience, the quest for knowledge, and the capacity to transform adversity into empowerment. Her journey, from a traumatic accident to a cancer diagnosis and the establishment of a thriving business dedicated to giving back to underserved communities, illustrates that even in the face of life’s most daunting circumstances, individuals can uncover the strength to move forward and the potential to effect profound change in the lives of others.


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