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3 TV Shows by Martin Bobb-Semple that are a Must-watch

As soon as the weekend approaches or a long holiday is coming up, you start planning on making your days as fun as possible. While many like to party and spend time outdoors with friends or family, many prefer staying at home, curling up on the couch and binge watch their favourite shows. However, things can get a little boring if you have nothing interesting to watch. What is even worse and leaves you frustrated is the part where you have to waste precious time searching for the perfect kind of content that will entertain you and keep you glued to your TV screens. 

When it comes to entertainment, everyone has their own likes and preferences. While many enjoy drama, mystery and thriller, some are obsessed with full-on action, etc. One such actor who has proved his mettle in the acting industry is Martin Bobb-Semple. An actor par excellence, he has appeared in various television shows for the likes of Netflix, Warner Bros., The CW, and BBC. Martin Bobb-Semple’s hard work and talent are creating waves across the entertainment industry. This young gifted actor started his career at the tender age of 9 and has several projects to his credit, allowing him to showcase his skills to a broader audience. The entire journey has been a rollercoaster ride for him. “The people I’ve worked with and the support of my growing fan base has helped me shine brighter and escalate my skills and talent. I always believe in setting high goals in life and challenging myself through different roles and acting performances. Next year, I’m hoping to discover new things and take my career to the next level, which is what I’m most focused on right now. I always say things will happen in their own time, and I can feel my time is coming. It’s going to be an amazing journey,” he revealed.

So, if you are looking for some incredible shows, fret not; we have you covered. Listed below are three must-watch TV shows by Martin Bobb-Semple.

One of Us is Lying

The first show on our recommendation list is ‘One of Us is Lying.’ The series is a mystery drama that is based on the 2017 novel of the same name by author Karen M. McManus. Filled with mystery and suspense, in the series Martin Bobb-Semple plays the character of Evan Nieman, who is in a relationship with Bronwyn. Though he is a devoted boyfriend, things start to change when Bronwyn becomes a murder suspect. One thing leads to another, and their relationship ultimately comes to an end. While the series has mystery, betrayal, as well as a lot of twists and turns, Bobb-Semple’s remarkable acting makes ‘One of Us is Lying’ one of the best shows to binge-watch.

All American: Homecoming

The next show that makes it to our list is ‘All American: Homecoming,’ which follows the story of a young tennis player from Beverly Hills, Chicago, carrying huge responsibilities. It highlights the importance of friendships and the things that can be achieved with support and love. In ‘All American: Homecoming,’ Bobb-Semple portrays the character of Lando Johnson. He is one of the star baseball players at Hawkins University but starts to stir the pot when he meets rival player Damon Sims. They don’t see eye to eye, and their competitive nature breeds problems on and off the field. Apart from its exceptional directing and storytelling technique, it is Martin Bobb-Semple who steals the limelight in this must-watch TV show.


Set in the year 2199, ‘Pandora’ is a sci-fi action series in which Martin Bobb-Semple essays the role of a student at the space training academy, Thomas James Ross. He is an empath who is able to feel what others are feeling and knows whether someone is lying or not. Later, he begins to show more telepathic and telekinetic capabilities after having a ‘mind dive’ encounter with his father. When these powers become too much for him, this sends his mental health into a dark place, and Thomas begins spiralling out of control. The show is a nail bitter that gives incredible futuristic vibes. The intriguing storyline and Bobb-Semple’s amazing performance keep the viewers engaged till the end.

The dynamic young actor Martin Bobb-Semple has a few TV projects as well as movies in the pipeline. Let’s wait and see what he has in store for his fans and followers. Till then, don’t forget to watch these three shows and get blown away by his fantastic acting skills!


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