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Add Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna's New Single 'Christmas Eve Alone' to Your Holiday Playlist
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Add Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna’s New Single ‘Christmas Eve Alone’ to Your Holiday Playlist

As the year’s festive season gains momentum, there’s a new melody ready to adorn your holiday playlists – a heartfelt holiday song from the powerful duo, Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna. Known for his compelling vocals and evocative songwriting, Abernathy has partnered with Luna, an artist celebrated for her heavenly voice, to create “Christmas Eve Alone.”

Abernathy’s rich vocals seamlessly blend with Luna’s ethereal notes to deliver exhilarating harmonies that will undoubtedly touch your heart. This collaboration brings to the table an unprecedented combination of musicality that promises to sweep you off your feet.\
The storytelling woven into “Christmas Eve Alone” sets the song apart. The unique concept was brought forward by Paul Cofer and further developed by Abernathy. While a myriad of enchanting Christmas songs fill the airwaves annually, Abernathy and Luna have seized the opportunity to narrate an untold yuletide tale – one that spotlights the Christmas narrative from an unexplored viewpoint.

This song delves into the hypothetical narrative of Santa Claus as he distributes joy and presents worldwide, while his devoted partner, Mrs. Claus, experiences a lonely Christmas Eve at home. A perspective rarely thought about, let alone narrated into a song, makes “Christmas Eve Alone” a genuinely one-of-a-kind holiday tune.

Although it presents a Christmas story, the song also transcends beyond its festive surface. Abernathy believes that the song’s concept is a relatable one. “I am sure many people can relate to this fictional concept,” he says. “How often do people across the US and other countries that celebrate Christmas find themselves in a similar situation?”

Add Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna's New Single 'Christmas Eve Alone' to Your Holiday Playlist
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Christmas Eve has traditionally been a time for family gatherings and holiday cheer, but for many, the reality might diverge. The song’s narrative resonates with those who find themselves in this unfortunate position. It gives voice to an often overlooked reality – that not every household is filled with festive cheer and familial warmth during the holiday season.

Abernathy and Luna’s song, hence, does not just offer an audial treat, it also stirs contemplation and empathy towards those who might be less fortunate on this festive occasion. Its tale’s poignancy is as captivating as the harmonious blend of Abernathy and Luna’s incredible voices, making it a must-listen this holiday season.

For enthusiasts of both artists or individuals seeking a fresh and poignant take on Christmas music, “Christmas Eve Alone” promises to be a rewarding experience. Its unique story, stunning collaboration, and the shared talent in both conceived and delivered are striking.

Whether you’re adding to a festive playlist or looking for a song that offers more than holiday cheer, “Christmas Eve Alone” has a place for you. It’s a song that not only delights with its harmonious melody but also makes us think, empathize and perhaps appreciate our festive celebrations more.

Both Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna invite fans and music enthusiasts to embark on this new musical venture with them. They can be followed on Instagram at robertabernathy and marissalunaofficial, respectively, to keep up with their latest updates and projects.

Add Robert Abernathy and Marissa Luna's New Single 'Christmas Eve Alone' to Your Holiday Playlist
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In addition, music lovers can revel in the harmonious melodies of “Christmas Eve Alone” through Spotify or watch the song’s music video on YouTube, which brings the narrative to life with compelling visuals.

In this joyful season teeming with perennial Christmas tracks, Abernathy and Luna’s “Christmas Eve Alone” stands out as a testament to their stellar musicianship and storytelling prowess. It has undoubtedly carved out its own niche in the Christmas music landscape. So, plug in your earphones, let’s all delve into this unique holiday story and give a thought for those who might be spending Christmas Eve alone.


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