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After 3 Decades Coordinating Blockbusters, Mark Hicks Cements His Action Visionary Status Directing "Retribution For Cory"
Photo Courtesy: Retribution for Cory

After 3 Decades Coordinating Blockbusters, Mark Hicks Cements His Action Visionary Status Directing “Retribution For Cory”

Mark Hicks has masterfully orchestrated enough high-octane spectacle to last a lifetime. As a stunt coordinator and performer with over 60 action film credits amassed over 30 years, he channeled athletic gifts honed since childhood into giving Hollywood’s biggest studios his blood, sweat and ligaments – often literally.

But throughout grueling days allowing A-list talent to safely pull off death-defying combat, balcony falls and high-speed car smashes, Hicks tirelessly envisioned his own directorial vision. The time has arrived to transpose his supreme stunt mastery into cementing status as the next great action auteur powerhouse.

Hicks seizes the moment by writing, directing, and starring in the independently-produced revenge thriller “Retribution For Cory. ” He plays Marcus, an ex-marine rebuilding life as a principled lawyer until cartel assassins shred his family, unlocking vengeance-fueled fury. Cue relentless fight choreography and stunt driving once, only playing safely in Hicks’ dreams.

Those in the know anticipate “Cory” launching his explosion-filled filmography to loftier directorial heights, much like John Wick transitioned Chad Stahelski and David Leitch from elite stunt talent into steering multi-billion-dollar franchises. Hicks has unique experience in both executing and designing combat choreography and practical stunt set-pieces to maximize authentic, eye-popping spectacles.

Phylicia Lloyd, Hicks’ loyal colleague across previous projects from his stunt-focused production stable Stunts Supreme, plays stricken widow Celeste. When her parents become victims of ruthless narco-terrorists penetrating America’s heartland, jaded uncle Marcus confronts his inner demons to protect vulnerable Celeste.

Hicks brings trademark athletic physicality to the anti-hero role while eliciting the empathetic nuance required to stick to a stellar landing. Though make no mistake, with his oversight, “Cory” delivers some of modern cinema’s most intense action not for the faint of heart. We’re talking elaborate demolition derbies and close-quarters knife fights eliciting real gashes.

After all, this multi-hyphenate talent cut teeth, enduring torn ACLs and second-degree burns as studios marveled at the lengths their reliable stunt coordinator traveled to capture authenticity through practical effects and camera trickery. Broken bones couldn’t derail his sacrifice to elicit killer scenes confirming his status among the industry elite.

Now Hicks elevates beyond wealthier players dependent on CGI or body doubles for intensifying spectacle Lords Of The Rings style. He leads from the front in tortured sequences, evoking palpable life risk the only way he knows how. Because at 53, those death-wish days may dwindle, making each drop from flaming helicopters or balletic back-alley brawls count beautifully on his terms.

Of course, inevitably, skepticism surrounds commercial prospects for any minimally-financed indie action-thriller lacking brand-name talent. But underestimate a supremely disciplined, adrenaline-soaked passion project at your own peril. For Mark Hicks’ relentless drive to defy the odds through performances enthralling and enlightening now transfers onto writing his own ticket, cementing status among Hollywood’s most compelling new directorial voices. Audiences will soon reveal their next favorite action stylist hitting exhilarating strides.

While Hicks admits securing distribution remains an uphill battle, early “Retribution” footage turned influential industry heads once skeptical niche action lacked mainstream prospects. Momentum builds thanks to hunger for diverse ensembles on both sides of the camera among audiences craving imaginative spectacle anchored in emotional truth.

As Hicks notes with a wry smile alluding to inevitable slam-bang theatrical success: “I’ve endured enough real beatings and hospital trips to know sticking to your vision pays off in the end of the work speaks for itself. And rarely have I been prouder of stunt sequences so ferocious we required medical personnel to onset at all times.”

Indeed for over 20 years subsisting in pure passion project guerrilla filmmaking mode, fierce independence became Hicks’ creed long before it trended. Mortgaging his home or pouring profits from past cult hits into dream productions is second nature by now. While less uncompromising peers chased studio cachet diluting creative voices into vanilla products, Hicks sharpened a bold, athletic style instantly recognizable.

So cue those exhilarating John Wick/Nobody-esque fisticuffs and death-rolling SUVs. The time has come for one supremely disciplined auteur to cement his explosive arrival.


Published By: Aize Perez

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