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Asia Marie
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Asia Marie: The Powerhouse Influencer Championing Mental Health Awareness

Leasia Green, better known to her wide social media audience as Asia Marie, was born in the bustling state of New Jersey. This inspiring woman who now calls Nevada home, is far more than a simple personality in the realm of the Internet. She is an iconic social media influencer, a runway and fashion model, an event promoter, and a brand ambassador. Yet, beyond these multifold roles, perhaps what defines her the most is her significant work as a mental health advocate.

Immersed in the aesthetic world of fashion and makeup, Asia Marie is a beacon of creativity. Her journey as a model has been largely influenced by some of the most vibrant and formidable names in the industry. Figures like Winnie Harlow, with her courage and determination; Teyana Taylor, a fountain of inspiration; and Tyra Banks, a woman who breathes authenticity, have all played a significant role in shaping Asia’s ambition and driving her motivation in the field.

Yet, Asia’s impact extends beyond the glitz and glamor of the modeling world. Her real passion lies in being a powerful role model to people of all ages. She is a living, breathing testimony to the power of resilience, consistently inspiring her followers with her steadfast conviction and her empathy.

Asia Marie
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Her interaction with her followers is a testament to her belief in the importance of having a voice. She strives to communicate to them that their opinions matter and that they should never be silenced. Her favorite quote, “It’s okay to not be okay,” resonates with many, becoming a comforting reassurance in times of emotional turmoil and a gentle reminder of our shared human vulnerability.

Interestingly, Asia Marie is not currently represented by any agency or individual, an uncommon trait in today’s world of talent representation. Her career has been largely self-directed, a testament to her independent spirit and her determination to chart her own course. This, combined with her work with a variety of photographers, has allowed her to create a diverse portfolio that showcases her adaptability and skills.

The cornerstone of Asia Marie’s philosophy is her belief in the power of mental health awareness. In a world that often stigmatizes mental health issues and shies away from open discussions about them, she uses her influence to bring these topics to the forefront. She is passionate about destigmatizing mental health and creating safe spaces for dialogue and support. It is this empathy, this willingness to understand and to help, that sets her apart.

In sum, Asia Marie is a dynamic personality who stands as a vibrant and unapologetic beacon of hope in the world of social media, fashion, and mental health advocacy. Her journey, as unique as it is inspiring, is a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of embracing one’s own truth. As she continues to remind us all, “You can do it, just trust the process”. This is Asia Marie – an influencer, a model, an advocate – but, above all, a woman of fierce determination and incredible compassion.

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