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Authority Titans and Dillon Kivo Successfully Elevate Their Clients’ Credibility Through PR-Proven Tactics

We are living in the age of information, a fast-paced world of technological innovation shaping the way we engage with the world around us. Businesses and entrepreneurs have found their homes in the realm of digital marketing. In an age where information is incredibly relevant, it’s all about getting your brand out there and gaining credibility and authority above all else. Authority Titans help businesses and individuals gain that competitive edge through PR-proven tactics.

Authority Titans collaborates with a diverse clientele such as entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and companies that need a boost when it comes to brand awareness. Over the years, Authority Titans has helped their clients reach the front pages of mainstream publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, Thrive Global, New York Weekly, CEO Weekly, Arist Weekly, LA Wire, Business Insider, Music Observer, California Herald, Kivo Daily, and many more. 

The company is founded by the one and only Dillon Kivo, a leading PR and marketing expert who has appeared in several publications himself as a thought leader, entrepreneur, and global influencer. Through his personal success, he has elevated Authority Titans into the PR giant that it has become today. 

The esteemed entrepreneur has definitely come a long way from Dillon’s humble beginnings working at a McDonald’s in his hometown in Riverside, California. He would often work entire shifts and come back home only to run his business until two in the morning. He would often grind it out and hustle harder than anyone else just to keep his business afloat.

However, when it came down to the wire, his efforts didn’t prove to be enough. After his initial failure, Dillon Kivo didn’t let it faze him. Instead, he grew hungrier for success, fueling his passion for business even more. He kept striving hard and eventually landed a job in Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked in public relations. 

Dillon worked with a CEO who was averaging over $300 million in revenue per annum. The experience truly resonated with him and became a pivotal point in his career. He started mingling with more and more people building his networks in some of society’s most affluent circles. He started learning from entrepreneurs and connecting with titans of the entertainment industry.

He would then strike gold when he began to work with big celebrities like Ice Cube, Spectacular, NFL coach Ron Rivera, NBA player Chris “The Birdman” Anderson, and many more. Nowadays, his company, Authority Titans, leads the pack at getting news placements and pouring in traffic, leads, and revenue into companies, musicians, agencies, and their other clientele. 

As its name implies, Authority Titans is creating industry titans out of their clients’ influence. Consistently elevating personal brands and companies, the company hopes to grow along with its clients from a wide array of industries such as entertainment, startups, non-profits, social media, and many more. Their expert writers are adept at telling their clients’ stories to the world, connecting them with the right audience without having to pay for advertisements.To know more about the magnificent work that they do at Authority Titans, make sure to visit the company’s official website. For more live updates on Dillon Kivo and what’s keeping him busy, follow him on Instagram.

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