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Singer-songwriter Ali Spartels Introduces Solo Project Babalon

Sydney, Australia – Singer-songwriter Ali Spartels is excited to announce the debut of her solo project Babalon. The unique sound of Babalon combines elements of Indie, Electro Pop, and Dark-wave Electro Pop, with influences from jazz, Prince, Sting, Joni Mitchell, and filmmaker David Lynch.

With a background in jazz piano and a family history in the entertainment industry, Ali has been writing songs since the age of five. Ali Spartels grew up in a family surrounded by the arts and entertainment. Her parents, both well-known actors in the industry, instilled in her a love for music and performance from a young age. This love would eventually lead her to pursue her own musical career, starting with her father’s albums for the long-running children’s television series “Playschool” on ABC. Her recent single “Scream” has garnered the attention of producers Max Vangeli, Stonebridge, and Going Deeper, resulting in a reworked version of the tune with a diverse blend of EDM styles.

As she grew older, Ali began to develop her own style and sound, incorporating elements of jazz and the musical influences of artists such as Prince, Sting, and Joni Mitchell. This unique blend of musical styles would become the foundation for her solo project Babalon.

In 2020, Babalon made its official debut in the music scene, premiering in a music magazine and quickly gaining radio play across Australia. However, it was the release of her single “Scream” that truly caught the attention of audiences and industry professionals alike. The song’s success led to collaborations with well-known producers Max Vangeli, Stonebridge, and Going Deeper, resulting in a reworked version that showcases a diverse blend of EDM styles.

“Scream” has recently debuted on the Music Week UK Commercial Pop Chart at #7, with radio play and success across the UK and Australia. The single is now available across all digital platforms, and Babalon can be found on Instagram @Baba7on.

With a solid foundation for success, Babalon is poised for a massive breakthrough in the music industry. Get ready to experience the unique sound and vision of Babalon.


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