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Breaking the Cycle and Redefining Entrepreneurship
Photo Credit: Victor Vidal NYC

Breaking the Cycle and Redefining Entrepreneurship

By: Beena Yusuf

In the landscape of entrepreneurship and symbolic designs, Elizabeth Roy stands out – not only as a unique brand but also as a powerful message. The story of Elizabeth Roy is a chronicle of risk-taking, resilience, and courage. Leaving a secure teaching job of over 12 years to pursue a dream, she stepped into an entirely new field with minimal understanding of the aspects that underpin a successful business, such as graphics, marketing, and reaching customers. Yet, she took the brave leap, believing in her creative power and her desire not to live with regrets.

Everyday, she finds herself on the precipice of a new decision that would set the course for her business. It may herald a positive or negative outcome, but Elizabeth remains undaunted, fueling her journey with the simple yet profound understanding that every risk taken is a step closer to achieving her dreams.

Designing a new line of apparel is an intricate process; it demands time, concept development, and financial investment. However, the excitement and the prospects of creating something impactful outstrip the constraints. The aim here isn’t just about creating beautiful designs. Elizabeth’s designs are conduits for positive and empowering messages. These designs not only beautify, but they initiate conversations on breaking cycles of abuse and engendering societal change.

Elizabeth’s initiation, Break the Cycle, is an embodiment of her journey and crusade against abuse. She employs her designs as catalysts for change, tools for creating awareness and promoting the message of a better, more inclusive world. Each design is a bold, unapologetic statement balanced with minimalistic aesthetics to enhance your wardrobe.

One notable achievement was the establishment of her brand in the middle of a global crisis. The building processes were fraught with self-doubt and fears of failure. Yet, she pressed on, breaking her own cycle of self-sabotage and turning pain into power. Through her experiences, Elizabeth has evinced determination and persistence, enduring disappointments and coming out stronger each time.

Endurance and hope became the light that led through the challenges of the past year. Amid widespread upheaval, Elizabeth kept on creating, sharing positivity, and fostering unity. She plans on launching a new collection soon, one she hopes would resonate with her audience’s aesthetic sense as well as their aspirations for social change.

Her brand is more than an accumulation of beautiful apparel and accessories. It is a vehicle of powerful messages against machismo, racism, inequality, hate, and abuse. Through her, people are beginning to recognize the need for change and, importantly, that the change starts within each individual.

While she pivots modern entrepreneurship, Elizabeth is quick to acknowledge the invaluable network of support she has been fortunate to have, beginning from the women in her family who have laid the foundation with critical life lessons to the numerous friends who have offered guidance, motivation, and sisterhood support in different spheres of her business. Indeed, “Clothing is more than just fabric; it’s a canvas for self-expression and a statement of identity, where fashion becomes an art, and style tells a story.”

Elizabeth Roy is not just creating a brand but a legacy. Despite the odds, she demonstrates that taking a risk is ultimately about facing fear, believing in our dreams, and taking a chance. In this, we are all winners, for irrespective of the uncertainties, we have dared to envision a better version of ourselves and a better world.

Stay updated with Elizabeth Roy by connecting via social media @elizabeth.roy_official and be part of her inspiring journey. To Elizabeth Roy and all daring entrepreneurs out there, keep taking those risks, keep facing the fears, and keep scribing those inspiring stories with every stride you make. We are indeed winning, one day, one risk at a time.


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