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Cassandra Smith and Blanks Galore Influence on the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs in the Sublimation Industry

There are two kinds of people in the world; individuals who resign themselves to their current situations regardless of how bad things are and those who strive to change their way of living. Cassandra Smith is an individual who falls into the latter category, but her ambitions do not just end there. As someone who built success for herself, Cassandra wanted to help others going through the same trials and tribulations that once hindered her. Through her brand, Blanks Galore, she has guided others towards a better life.

Cassandra Smith is a small town country girl from McRae, Georgia, who moved to Atlanta, where she delved into entrepreneurism by starting a custom sublimation business. As her company started to generate more success, Cassandra was inspired to help aspiring entrepreneurs interested in their own custom t-shirt line. With her company, Blanks Galore, the entrepreneur has been instrumental in providing others with the necessary tools like her branded BG Sublimation Paper, Sublimation Blanks, and hands-on and virtual sublimation classes to help them achieve the same levels of success.

Although business owners are often hesitant to share their knowledge and resources due to the possibility of competition, Blanks Galore grew exponentially once Cassandra started sharing everything she knew. “It’s been my experience that my business was actually able to grow ten times more once I started to share,” she revealed.

Cassandra found that collaboration is the way to go in her endeavors, not competition. She leads by providing value and free gems to make a positive impact immediately. By doing that, when Cassandra decides to charge, her customers know they will be getting their money’s worth. She teaches a blueprint that transcends industries and applies to any field, allowing them to take one area of expertise and create several streams of income.

Cassandra Smith’s competitive edge can be found in her and her experiences. “My greatest testament to show that what I do, what I sell, and what I teach works is my very own story,” she explained. “Two years ago, I was homeless. I was literally going live from a hotel room, teaching people how to sublimate on my blanks and answering questions. I am able to tell and show people how to get to where I’m at because I have been where they are at or worse.”

When Cassandra started her entrepreneurial journey, she looked for ways to learn and grow her business, meeting so many challenges to get information but often feeling discouraged in the end. Cassandra was undeterred despite all the reasons to drop her pursuits, learning from the failures and persevering. When she finally cracked the code, she knew she wanted to create an easier path for people like her. 

Due to the gap in the market for aspiring entrepreneurs, Blanks Galore has excelled with Cassandra Smith curating a top-class team of experts in every area of business that will hold students by the hand and help them reach their goal of turning their hobbies into profit. The entrepreneur is optimistic about the company’s growth and foresees Blanks Galore opening franchises across the globe, ensuring people have the help they need to start their sublimation business.Learn more about Cassandra Smith and Blanks Galore by visiting their official website.


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