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Challenge Accepted: Teen Influencer FoodGuyJack on Ordering the Craziest Item on the Menu

From trending spots to hole-in-the-wall gems, 14 year old blogger FoodGuyJack is on a mission to eat his way through America’s most unique dishes. 

“Whatever your biggest, craziest item on the menu may be, I’m going to order it first thing – especially if there’s some kind of challenge involved,” said Jack Spiritas, aka FoodGuyJack.  

Spiritas has made a name for himself across Instagram, TikTok, and most recently, YouTube for his outlandish taste and approachable style. He has a combined reach of over 100,000 followers, and just weeks after expanding to YouTube, he was even promoted to verified account status. 

Based out of foodie paradise Dallas, Texas, the entrepreneur has made over 300 posts in the two years since kicking off his career. From messy hot wings to stacked burgers to the latest trending dessert, FoodGuyJack is happiest when he’s exploring new restaurants and dishes.

“I love my status as a young food blogger because I have the creative freedom to try new methods of content creation,” said Spiritas. “I’m not afraid to forge new relationships, explore underrated places, and most importantly, get weird with the food that I review.”

While Spiritas’ age means he has to work twice as hard to prove his professionalism, he has a valuable connection to his young followers. He leans into his youthful energy to reach kids his own age. As one of the only teen influencers focusing exclusively on food, FoodGuyJack is quickly becoming the leading culinary voice for Gen Z. 

FoodGuyJack’s passion for food goes beyond just satisfying his taste buds, as he recognizes the importance of supporting local businesses and giving back to the community.  He often uses his platform to highlight small, family-owned restaurants and their unique offerings, leading to more opportunities for these small-run businesses as well as an exciting experience for his young audience.

Already, his method is working. In the last year alone, Spiritas has worked with top brands like Blaze Pizza, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Raising Cane’s, and Goldbelly. Not to mention his collaborations with other popular content creators, Spiritas’ dedication to bringing a new kind of entertainment to the scene has cemented his position as an influencer to look out for in the coming future.

The budding foodie’s enthusiasm and infectious spirit has helped him grow a massive following, and people are already looking forward to what the future holds for the rising star.

Have a food challenge for FoodGuyJack? Send him a DM or reach out at To stay up to date with his latest content, be sure to the young entrepreneur on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube

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