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Coexist Game House Brings Game Developers and Creatives Into One Inclusive Space

In a competitive world, creators and developers are perceived to be independent individuals focused on enriching only themselves. But in reality, such visionaries are also finding ways to connect with others in their niche. Before Coexist GameHouse came to life, there was no platform specifically built to create inclusivity in the gaming industry. But now, influencers, gamers, developers, and the like have the platform to share their insights and expertise while simultaneously learning from others and taking advantage of the company’s many benefits. Founded by Grammy-nominated music artist Jaye Watts, better known as Letta J, Coexist fills a void in the industry and is changing lives across the globe.

Coexist GameHouse is officially the world’s first subscription-based, minority and women-owned membership gaming lounge championing a sense of community within the gaming and creative community. Letta J’s mission for building the company is to bridge the gap between creators and developers through an ecosystem  where creatives get to take part in the process. In addition, she is bringing a much-needed female perspective to the male-dominated gaming industry, paving the way for more creative gamers like herself, and changing the landscape altogether with her inclusive and innovative ideas that gives everyone an opportunity to rise. 

“Our ecosystem organization incubates and accelerates development both personally, professionally, and creatively. Our focus at Coexist is to bridge the gaps between eSports and development, physical and digital space, personal growth and professional development, and the gaming and geek community. We make them all ‘coexist’ through a robust ecosystem of programming, offering co-working space, weekly classes, workshops, social events, activations, and more,” Letta J said. “We partner with our members to help them promote and grow their brands by introducing commerce into our lounge,like apparel, merchandise, anime, comic books, cards, board, tabletop games, and more.”

Coexist GameHouse aims to provide its community with a 360-degree lens on the many opportunities that await them in the industry, particularly game development.. By opening eyes to more doors, their ecosystem  is playing an active role in helping its members earn through more income streams while pursuing their passions for gaming, design, content creation and tech. Coexist GameHouse welcomes all influencers, developers, content creators, anime enthusiasts, artists, and creatives to leverage the perks that come with being a member of the community and know that they can do so much more within the ecosystem .

Coexist GameHouse is a place where its members can host podcasts, record music, bring their ideas to life, expand their skill sets, connect with like-minded individuals, and monetize their following. The ecosystem is designed to suit the community and for  members to co-work and  to activate their brands [by partnering] with the company. 

Having achieved multiple milestones in the music industry, some may wonder why Letta J touched on the gaming sphere through the Coexist GameHouse. To this, she said, “I am music, gaming, and tech: a Grammy-nominated recording artist, published songwriter, an avid gamer, and electrical engineer. I wanted to make my interests and worlds coexist. I love not just playing games but building them, competing in them, and connecting with people who love things adjacent to them, like anime, comics, cosplay, content creation, etc. The gaming and geek worlds make a culture, and that culture has never coexisted until now. We are the pioneers and trailblazers who are making this rapidly growing niche market, mainstream.”


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