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Creating Powerful Content with Shanice Compass
Photo Courtesy: Shanice Campos

Creating Powerful Content with Shanice Compass

By: Bella Fitzpatrick

Shanice, can you share how your journey as a content creator intertwines with your passion for wellness?

Shanice: Through my content, I strive to promote wellness practices that I believe in and personally incorporate into my life. Whether it’s sharing tips for stress management, showcasing healthy recipes, or sharing a silly picture I snapped of my dog, I aim to inspire others to prioritize their well-being. I seek to inspire and support others in their pursuit of health and happiness while also fostering my own personal growth and well-being.

What inspired you to become a Wellness Ambassador for Collective Resiliency, and how has this role influenced your advocacy work?

Shanice: I was inspired to become a Wellness Ambassador for Collective Resiliency from firsthand experience of how powerful and inspiring this community is. We first partnered on a project where I had the opportunity to showcase the “Resilient Reflections Journal,” and I cannot speak enough about how much this journal transformed my life. It helped me to become more grounded in my thoughts, goals, and intentions which results in a 180 change in my personal wellbeing.

In your opinion, what are some common misconceptions about wellness and self-care that you aim to challenge through your content?

Shanice: Something I notice a lot of people do is wait for the perfect time to do self-care. They think they have to set aside a bunch of money to do a luxurious spa day or take an expensive vacation to care for themselves. Self-care doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive! There are so many small practices you incorporate into your day every day that can substantially improve your wellbeing.

Could you describe a day in your life that exemplifies how you prioritize self-care with such a busy schedule?

Shanice: On a busy day I try to make sure I engage in at least one self-care practice. Some days that means having a cup of coffee in my favorite mug; I love to collect mugs that remind me of a place I’ve traveled to or one that commemorates a special time in my life. On other days self-care can be taking a hot steamy shower and using a nice smelling body oil or lotion.

What role do you believe digital content plays in promoting and shaping the wellness movement, especially in challenging times?

Shanice: I think digital content plays a large role in promoting and shaping the wellness movement. I personally get so many great tips on new ways to incorporate self-care into my routine, and come across many supportive online communities of women. Digital content allows us to reach people outside of our immediate living spaces, which gives us access to their support, insight, and knowledge.

Can you share a particularly transformative wellness practice or habit that has significantly impacted your life?

Shanice: One transformative wellness practice that has significantly impacted my life is regular exercise, particularly high-intensity interval training. For me, engaging in HIIT workouts not only helps me stay in shape physically but also serves as a powerful stress reliever. The intense physical exertion during the workout allows me to release tension or anxiety and leaves me feeling refreshed and energized afterwards.

How do you measure the impact of your work as a Wellness Ambassador? Are there specific feedback or stories from your audience that have been particularly meaningful to you?

Shanice: I measure the impact of my work through collaborations with organizations, influencers, and experts in the wellness space. By collaborating with like-minded individuals, I can amplify my message, reach new audiences, and create a more meaningful impact in the wellness community. A friend of mine recently purchased the Resilient Reflections journal and spoke so highly of how much it helped to create a daily practice for self-reflection and gives her an outlet for emotional expression.

Looking forward, what are some emerging trends or innovations in wellness that excite you, and how do you plan to incorporate them into your advocacy?

Shanice: With the rise of digital health and wellness apps, I am excited about the new opportunities for personalized, accessible, and convenient wellness solutions. From meditation and mindfulness apps with the option to set reminders to do something to improve your wellness, these digital platforms provide tools and resources to support individuals in their wellness journeys.

How can we learn more about you and your work?

Shanice: You can keep an eye out for my latest projects, initiatives, and collaborations by following me on Instagram @shanice.campos


Published By: Aize Perez

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