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DJ Steazy Brings the Heat to New York as He Performs at Benjamin’s on Franklin This September

Although the summer season may be in its final phases, DJ Steazy will continue to bring the heat in New York as he becomes the opening act for a renowned Miami Beach Club artist, DJ Legato, in one of the city’s most awaited events, Benjamin’s on Franklin.

DJ Steazy will perform high-energy tracks that speak volumes of his unparalleled talents and passion for the craft, matching DJ Legato’s hard-hitting music. His unique approach to music will surely capture the hearts of concert-goers. For this reason, Benjamin’s on Franklin has become a highly anticipated event for those looking to listen to good music and have a good time.

While his precision and excellence can already be seen by the fact that he is performing in a prestigious New York event, DJ Steazy has always been a talented personality in the realms of music and entertainment. Over the past 18 years, he has been a DJ in several private events and nightclubs. Countless partygoers have witnessed his superb performance onstage, and many come back for more.

Apart from his music, DJ Steazy also takes charge and creates his own light designs to enhance people’s overall experience. This incredible combination of skills will be put to the test during his opening act at Benjamin’s on Franklin, as he takes command of the event’s light production. He hopes to offer concert-goers a new and enhanced experience, particularly because New York is known for its party scene. “While some DJs only play music, I wanna give patrons the full, immersive experience that they deserve,” shared the artist. For this reason, DJ Steazy is more than any ordinary musician.

When asked about his preparations for Benjamin’s on Franklin, DJ Steazy shared that he would not have been this prepared had it not been for the staff. “The biggest advantage I had is the event staff. They have given me freedom and full production creativity to enhance what they have already prepared for the event. Looking at things right now, Benjamin’s on Franklin will be something to watch out for,” shared the rising musician. “Apart from that, DJ Legato has also prepared a lot of hard-hitting tracks that will surely entrance concert-goers,” he added.

True enough, the main act, DJ Legato, has been brewing a number of songs to play for the event. With his versatile gifts and years of experience, this acclaimed personality will be sending powerful beats that will shake the stage. “Being an all-around DJ is something that he brings to the table during Benjamin’s on Franklin,” shared a production staff.

As the event draws near, DJ Steazy assures fans of an experience that they can remember. From music to light production, this emerging star is going all-out to transform his vision into action. “I aim to expose people to a new and enhanced party scene. New York is already a city filled with fun and excitement, but we hope to make it even more electrifying,” shared Steazy.

Benjamin’s on Franklin is set to bring the heat this September 2, 2022, at Syracuse, New York.


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