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Dr. Joyce Kahng
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Dr. Joyce Kahng is Using Social Media to Transform Her Business and You Can Too

In the past few years, social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. With platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram, businesses can reach audiences that they would never have been able to before. Dr. Joyce Kahng, a dentist and content creator from Orange County, California, does a great job of this. She has become a trailblazer in the dental industry by leveraging the power of social media and growing her practice, Orange and Magnolia Dental Studio.

Using her platforms on Tiktok and Instagram, she has transformed the way dentistry is marketed and has found a successful way to bring in new clients while educating on important dental hygiene practices. Dr. Kahng recognizes that social media is the cornerstone of her marketing strategy. She believes that social media is the best way to reach new patients and has built her content to convert followers into actual patients.

Dr. Kahng’s success story is just one of the many testaments of the power of using influencing as a marketing tool. We see this strategy being used by other huge brands such as Chamberlain Coffee and The Spritz Society as well. By using their platforms to educate and engage with their audience, they build a strong brand to personality correlation. This is exactly what has led Dr. Kahng to build a strong reputation as a trusted dentist and content creator. 

If you’re looking to start implementing this marketing strategy into your own business, here are some key tips that business owners can take away from Dr. Kahng’s approach:

1. Create educational content to build trust: Create content that is centered around creating useful and educational information to build your viewers’ trust. As a business owner, creating content that educates and engages your audience can help to establish your expertise and build credibility.

For example, Dr. Kahng’s content is a reflection of her belief that dentistry should be accessible to everyone, and she uses her platform to educate her followers on important dental hygiene practices. By doing so, she has built a strong reputation as a content creator and a dentist who cares about her patients. As a result, her social media followers have become more integrated into her practice, and her patients have become more familiar with who she is and what she stands for. Thanks to her social media presence, new patients are more confident that they’re receiving honest dentistry at her practice, which has helped her build a loyal customer base.

2. Connect with your audience on a personal level: Make content that feels less like formal advertisements and more relatable to a wide variety of people who are watching it. 

For example, Dr. Kahng believes that connecting with her audience through a ‘behind the scenes’ approach will help her make dentistry more accessible and less intimidating to all. So instead of only posting educational clips, she often provides her followers with lifestyle content to humanize her. This is where you have to truly tap into that ‘influencer’ mode. Kahng, like many others, shares that sometimes it feels weird to film content like this, but that she believes that sharing more relatable content and showing her face more often will help her connect with her viewers even mo.

3. Plan your content in advance: Plan your content in advance and time blocks for content creation to ensure a consistent stream of media that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience. This can help businesses stay organized and ensure that they always have content to post.

For example, Dr. Kahng has found that running a successful business while also being an influencer can be challenging. So to balance both worlds she has had to prioritize blocking time for content planning. This ensures that she’s active on all platforms and produces content that will serve her audience and feels right to her.

4. Be authentic and transparent: Share your personal struggles and successes on your social media platforms. It will help your audience to connect on a deeper level with you and feel more drawn to continue watching your content. 

For example, Dr. Kahng says that “sharing a deeper side of her has helped her to build trust with her audience on a whole new level.” She says “They feel that they are getting a glimpse into the real person behind the brand.” Dr. Kahng shares her honest views on products and practices within her industry and makes sure her followers are getting factual information. 

5. Stay on top of trends and engage with your audience regularly: Dr. Kahng emphasizes the importance of staying on top of trends and engaging with her audience regularly to create content that resonates with her followers and keeps them engaged with her brand. This can help businesses build a loyal following and achieve success on social media.

Being an influencer and a business owner can be challenging, but with the right strategies in place, it is possible to balance both worlds successfully. Dr. Joyce Kahng‘s innovative use of social media has transformed the way the dental industry is marketed. Her focus on creating personal and educational content has helped her build a strong reputation as a trusted dentist and content creator. Her story is a reminder that social media can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach new audiences and connect with their customers on a more personal level. By staying on top of trends and engaging with their audience regularly, businesses can use social media to grow their brands and achieve success.


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