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Elton Ilirjani is The Face of 77th Jewelry’s The Treasure Campaign

As a renowned fashion influencer and social media icon, Elton Ilirjani has become synonymous with bold, innovative style. Elton, known for his genderless runway appearances and activism for LGBTQIA+ rights, has been tapped as the face of 77th Jewelry’s newest campaign, The Treasure. The Treasure will be a pop-up store in New York City showcasing ten exceptional Thai designers, providing them with a platform to reach new audiences.

The Treasure by 77th Jewelry

The Treasure, a pop-up store located at 21 Spring Street in New York City, will debut in July, running from the 18th to the 31st. A collaboration between 77th Jewelry and the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand, the store will feature products from ten talented Thai designers. These designers will benefit from exposure in the western market, particularly New York, a fashion hub teeming with potential new customers and opportunities.

Elton Ilirjani will model five unique looks by five different Thai designers, showcasing their creations against the vibrant backdrop of Manhattan’s SoHo district. The grand opening event for the pop-up store will take place on July 20, featuring music from DJ Artisong (

77th Jewelry, founded by Tan Sawaddichai (, is poised to make a significant impact on the New York fashion scene. As The Treasure by 77th Jewelry unfolds this July, fashion enthusiasts and socialites can look forward to an extraordinary experience, brought to life by the creative collaboration between Thai designers and the captivating Elton Ilirjani.

Elton Ilirjani, Fashion Maven and Activist

Elton Ilirjani, originally from Albania and now based in Brooklyn, New York, is a force to be reckoned with in the worlds of fashion, social media, and activism. As a genderless model, Elton has walked the runway for international fashion brands like MMAM, Maison Nica, and Seokwoon Yoon during Seoul Fashion Week 2023. He has also graced the runway for BESFXXK, a Seoul fashion brand, at New York Fashion Week 2023.

In addition to his fashion success, Elton is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights. He founded the Dignity Global Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on protecting human and civil rights for women and the LGBTQIA+ community in the workplace. He has also created the “Employment Equality Index” for the LGBTQIA+ community and spearheaded transgender acceptance campaigns like the “Lipstick Movement” and the “Nobody is Straight” movement.

Elton’s commitment to both fashion and activism has made him an ideal choice as the face of The Treasure campaign, which he proudly announced, saying, “I’m thrilled to be the poster boy for 77th Jewelry’s latest campaign. Supporting fashion designers from Asia is right up my alley, to help bring them to a wider audience in the western market and especially New York.”

A New Fashion Frontier

The Treasure by 77th Jewelry is poised to make waves in the New York fashion scene, showcasing the incredible talent of Thai designers and providing a unique, fresh perspective on fashion. With Elton Ilirjani as its face, this campaign will undoubtedly attract attention and admiration from fashion fans and socialites alike. Don’t miss this exciting event taking place from July 18 to July 31 at 21 Spring Street in New York City.

To stay updated on this groundbreaking campaign and connect with Elton, follow his Instagram at and visit his websites, and Join the conversation and be a part of the movement as Elton continues to push the boundaries of fashion and activism, championing designers from across the globe while advocating for a more inclusive and diverse world.


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