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Eric Martel: Advocating for Financial Freedom and Early Retirement through MartelTurnkey and His Other Ventures

It is very easy for one to say that they want to become financially free and stable. However, this task can be highly challenging, especially for those who do not have the technical knowledge. As such, Eric Martel has taken it upon himself to guide people to achieve this seemingly arduous yet feasible goal.

What motivated the remarkable man to pursue this advocacy is his personal experience with adversity. At the early part of his professional career, he experienced different kinds of struggles and hardships. 

His first ever job after graduating was as an actuary. However, he had a culture shock when he learned about the state of things in the industry. He shared, “I was dismayed to see hundreds of company pension plans being rolled over into 401(k)s shifting the retirement risk to employees. This made me reconsider traditional beliefs about retirement saving.”

This prompted the young dreamer to find an industry that would allow him to become financially free. He hopped from one career to another, from the tech industry to the business sector; at one point, he even started a gourmet sauce business.

Despite his efforts, Eric Martel struggled to find his place until he returned to his passion for real estate. When he was only 18 years old and still in school, the entrepreneur purchased his first apartment building and dabbled in real estate investing.

Many years later, the bonafide real estate investor and enthusiast opened MartelTurnkey, a company that provides people an easy way to earn passive income. The firm sells turnkey rentals with a tenant already in place so that owners can enjoy the extra cash flow from day one. In addition, properties are guaranteed to be sold at appraised values or less.

Because of its commitment to its mission of giving clients a foolproof way to reach financial freedom and early retirement, MartelTurnkey has become an authority in the real estate investment scene. But most importantly, in just four years, the venture has helped its founder attain what it promised clients—financial freedom and early retirement.

Aside from helping people through his brand, the inspiring man also felt that it was his responsibility to pass on his knowledge to others. After all, he learned a great deal from his setbacks and mishaps. 

Eric Martel educates his audience through multiple platforms. He has a podcast and a web series called Break Away from the Rat Race, which discusses how to break free from the rat race and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. On top of that, he has written the insightful book Stop Trading Your Time for Money.

In the future, Eric Martel hopes to continue what he started and inspire more people to persevere so they too can achieve financial freedom and early retirement. 

Find out more about Eric Martel by visiting his official website and social media accounts on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. Listen to his show on Apple Podcast and watch his web series on this YouTube channel. You can also check out MartelTurnkey for more information. 


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