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Evan Sternbach
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Rising Star Evan Sternbach Introduces the World to His Artistic Vision

Evan Sternbach‘s musical journey began with a gift that sparked a flame. On Christmas Day in 2016, he unwrapped a guitar and reignited a passion for music that had been dormant since childhood. It was during his high school years, however, that he found true fulfillment as a singer-songwriter, using his lyrics and melodies as a way to process his life experiences and emotions. Through perseverance and unwavering commitment, Evan’s talent and passion have come full circle, paving the way for a brilliant musical career.

Despite being surrounded by the distractions of college life, Evan remained focused on his craft. He spent countless hours studying the work of his musical idols, honing his vocals during solo karaoke sessions, and writing relentlessly. By the time he reached his junior year, he was completely consumed by his love for songwriting and determined to make it his career.

And so, in the latter half of 2022, Evan reintroduced himself to the world as a pop singer-songwriter with the release of his three singles “Halfway,” “Lesser Degree,” and “I Figured It Out.” Each song offers a unique taste of Evan’s signature style, characterized by authentic lyrics, catchy melodies, and a rhythmic flow.

Evan aspires to craft music that will leave an indelible mark on people’s hearts, music that they can form an emotional bond with. Whether it’s falling in love, grieving, or simply laughing, he wants his music to be a soundtrack to life’s most memorable moments. He dreams of becoming a part of listeners’ journeys, just as his beloved musicians have shaped his own path. At the young age of 21, Evan is blazing a trail toward realizing his ambition and encouraging others to pursue their own dreams.



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