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Chef Cho
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Exploring the Culinary Fusion of Chef Cho: From Quintonil to Atomix

Chef Cho, a Chef de Partie at Atomix, has been making waves with his culinary prowess. Atomix itself is no stranger to the limelight, having secured the 8th spot on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. However, it’s the collaborative journey with Quintonil, ranked No. 9 on the same prestigious list, that truly showcases Chef Cho’s extraordinary talents.

A Fusion of Mexican and Korean Delights

Chef Cho’s culinary journey took an exciting turn when he collaborated with Quintonil, a restaurant renowned for its Mexican cuisine. This venture proved to be a meeting of two culinary worlds – Mexican and Korean – resulting in a delightful fusion of flavors. One of the standout creations was the introduction of a mole sauce with a Korean twist, featuring the bold and spicy Gochujang.

Even for a seasoned chef like Jorge Vallejo, the mastermind behind Quintonil, Chef Cho’s reinterpretation of their signature mole sauce was a revelation. The fusion of Mexican and Korean elements showcased the endless possibilities of culinary cross-pollination. It was a moment that exemplified the harmonious marriage of diverse cuisines, proving that when creativity knows no bounds, the culinary world can truly shine.

A Sweet Collaboration

Chef Cho’s talents extended beyond savory dishes to the realm of desserts. His creation, the “Hoja Santa ice cream,” was a testament to his exceptional culinary skills. This unique dessert featured the aromatic hoja santa herb as its star ingredient, coupled with Mexican chocolate mole cream and mole meringue. However, what truly set it apart were the innovative garnishes Chef Cho introduced.

Instead of settling for conventional choices, Chef Cho proposed a medley of flavors that elevated the dessert to new heights. Perilla oil, perilla tuile, and black garlic powder were added, each contributing its distinct character to the dish. Perilla, an Asian ingredient with a delightful blend of umami and anise-like notes, was fried to create a crispy bugak. Black garlic was dehydrated and transformed into a flavorful powder. These garnishes not only enhanced the dessert’s taste but also added a visually appealing dimension to the dish.

The result was a dessert that left diners raving and earned glowing reviews. In fact, a customer survey revealed that a staggering 95% of patrons were satisfied with the revamped dessert. This accomplishment was particularly remarkable as Atomix didn’t even have a dedicated pastry chef. Chef Cho’s culinary ingenuity shone through, proving that his talents extended far beyond the savory spectrum.

A New Chapter at Atomix

With Chef Cho’s culinary brilliance firmly established, Atomix recognized the need to harness his talents in a more significant capacity. The position of Event R&D Chef was created, and Chef Cho was the natural choice to fill this pivotal role. In this new position, he would spearhead the formulation, direction, and coordination of creative developments for Atomix’s culinary showcases, which included Worldwide chef’s collaborations, Michelin gala dinner events, industry encouragement dinner events, and holiday extravaganzas such as New Year’s and Christmas celebrations.

Notably, Chef Cho would also lead and represent Atomix’s cuisine at a media dinner event in the United States, a testament to the trust and confidence placed in his culinary expertise. While some may have more extensive experience, Chef Cho’s ability to excel, support his team, work swiftly, and craft delectable dishes made him the standout candidate for this role.

A Journey to Michelin Stardom

Chef Cho’s journey at Atomix has not only contributed to its culinary excellence but has also set a course for Michelin stardom. Atomix proudly boasts two Michelin stars, a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences. Chef Cho’s contributions have been pivotal in this achievement.

As Chef for the Michelin gala dinner event over the next three years, Chef Cho will once again take center stage. This event is a hallmark of culinary excellence, bringing together Michelin-recognized chefs, food presses, vintners, and special guests to celebrate the pinnacle of fine dining. Chef Cho’s past experiences with large-scale events make him the ideal candidate to ensure that Atomix continues to shine on this prestigious platform.

A Culinary Visionary

In his role as Chef at Atomix, Chef Cho will play a vital role in inspiring and motivating the culinary professionals under his wing. His extensive knowledge of world cuisines, innovative culinary techniques, and flair for original concepts will be instrumental in shaping Atomix’s culinary identity. Moreover, his intimate understanding of the restaurant business ensures that he is not only a chef but also a visionary leader.

Chef Cho’s presence enhances Atomix’s reputation as a culinary innovator, both nationally and internationally. With him at the helm, Atomix is poised for even greater culinary achievements, including the pursuit of another Michelin star.

In conclusion, Chef Cho’s journey from Quintonil to Atomix is a testament to the boundless possibilities of culinary exploration and collaboration. His fusion of Mexican and Korean flavors, innovative dessert creations, and pivotal role in Atomix’s culinary excellence paint a picture of a chef destined for greatness. As he takes on new challenges and continues to push the boundaries of culinary creativity, the gastronomic world eagerly awaits his next masterpiece.

“Nothing wonderful is ever going to happen unless I actively make it happen.” Chef Cho’s mantra resonates deeply with his culinary journey, and we can only anticipate the wondrous culinary experiences he will continue to craft in the future.


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