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TikTok Titan: For You Advertising Has a Different Approach To TikTok

For You Advertising (FYA), was founded in 2021 by four seasoned entrepreneurs that have dominated their respective industries. Olly Hudson and Joe Marston are founders of another 7-figure agency called Soar With Us which has served over 200 ecom brands scaling multiple to 7 and 8 figures. Loukas Hambi, founder of a creative agency, Hambi Media, whose focus has been on branding and creatives for DTC brands, and Liam Dean who has worked on massive brand campaigns for companies like Adidas. These four individuals have made thousands of creatives, managed millions in ad spend, and combined have over 10 years of direct DTC experience. This is why they were forced together to create For You Advertising which is a TikTok focussed growth agency, specializing in short-form performance creatives, TikTok creative strategy, and performance marketing or paid ads. Because of the qualities each founder has brought to the table, For You Advertising has grown to a well-sized remote team of  20+ members and a continually growing client base. 

Before starting FYA each founder, in their own agency, saw the amazing results

they were getting with their clients on the TikTok platform. With their years of experience running creative agencies prior to the TikTok platform, they understood that the new TikTok platform was much different than Google or Meta. At the time creative volume was an expensive commitment for many DTC brands on an emerging platform like TikTok, they also knew that the approach could not be the same as other platforms where it’s possible to recycle content and still get results. FYA also had a perfect understanding of the specific requirements of TikTok creatives so they built a media buying + creative feedback loop to ensure success for their clients.

For You Advertising had made waves in the E-commerce space with their unmatched results, unrivaled creative, and high-converting paid performance marketing strategies. Because of their unique approach to the platform, they are able to achieve things that some agencies just can’t. So much so that even TIkTok’s very own DTC team reached out to Olly for a private workshop on how For You Advertising approaches and utilizes the platform from a user-generated content or UGC standpoint as well as performance marketing and paid ads strategies. 

Olly claims too many agencies approach TikTok on a marketing level as if it was Facebook in terms of both creative and media buying strategies and therefore failed to generate results”. For You Advertising recognizes that before a brand works with them, they typically fall into 1 of 3 categories based on their experience with the platform. And each category has a different solution or a different set of solutions. 

  • At level 1 this brand lacks the fundamental understanding of TikTok as a platform and its position as a marketing service. They are unable to produce the native UGC-style creative that will convert or haven’t got the capacity for another channel. 
  • At level 2 this brand has possibly spent on the TikTok platform at a small or medium scale with limited success. Many of these clients will doubt the effectiveness of the platform due to the lack of results and ROI it previously provided for them. This is where brands have commonly tried to approach it like Facebook and would fall short in creating any results. 
  • At level 3 this brand is spending at a considerable scale but can’t support the volume of creative required to spend more while maintaining stability.

The solutions to each of these categories range based on brand specifics but generally fall under the same several things. In category 1 the clients need help understanding the platform and how For You Advertising’s process works. For You Advertising will set expectations with the clients on what TikTok will provide for the brand which will differ from the niche, price points, target audience, etc. In category 2 the clients need Done-For-You UGC and For You Advertising will provide this with their network of over 1000 creators. Also, clients here generally need assistance with research, ideation, briefing, scripting, and more essentials in actually producing content. At level 3 clients are typically already spending on other channels and frequently TikTok but can use assistance on the different paid ad strategies and performance marketing especially differentiating TikTok strategies and Facebook strategies. 

For You Advertising believes in a TikTok-first approach to creative strategy and content production. Many clients will try and repurpose content from Facebook and other platforms which won’t perform the same as content created specifically for the TikTok platform. In return, they don’t see results and believe TikTok doesn’t work for their brand. For You Advertising only uses the best UGC creators in the space for their clients. As only 20% of content creators can actually produce top-tier content that converts. Because of this, their clients see results that no other agency could achieve for them. 

The understanding that For You Advertising has of the TikTok platform and being able to put together unique workshops and performance marketing strategies for their clients that give them the same understanding puts them above all of their competitors. The team at For You Advertising has taken the time to research how to appropriately approach TikTok as a platform and it shows by their stellar results and track record. The Essence Vault came to For You Advertising for help running ads on TikTok while they were testing ads out but weren’t seeing the results they wanted. In under 90 days For You Advertising was able to scale this brand to multi-7-figure months and became one of the top 5 TikTok spenders in the entire UK. To this point, they have spent €1.48M on TikTok for The Essence Vault which generated 518.8M views on TikTok and a whopping €4.21M in revenue for the brand. 

In conclusion, For You Advertising is a top-tier company in its space. This is an agency that started to dominate TikTok early on and has been at the top since. Because they have a deeper understanding of TikTok and how you should approach the platform it places them ahead of the competition and is providing their clients with world-class results. In 2023 this is going to be an agency to keep on the radar as they are scaling quickly and taking over their industry. This won’t be the last hearing of For You Advertising.


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