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Funari New York Shines at Paris Fashion Week with a Blend of Eco-consciousness, Inclusivity, and Trailblazing Style
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Funari New York Shines at Paris Fashion Week with a Blend of Eco-consciousness, Inclusivity, and Trailblazing Style

By: Ivy June

Janelle Funari, the visionary creative force behind Funari New York, recently set the Paris Fashion Week runway ablaze. The awe-inspiring collection, celebrated for its unique fusion of sustainability and eye-catching fashion, was a testament to the brand’s commitment to ethical manufacturing and zero-waste production.

Funari New York Shines at Paris Fashion Week with a Blend of Eco-consciousness, Inclusivity, and Trailblazing Style
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Funari, who is renowned in elite fashion circles for her breathtaking and perfectly tailored designs, launched a collection at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week that exemplified “comfortable Eco-Couture”. Championing the power of breathable, eco-friendly fibers. Funari New York unveiled a stunning array of pieces that signaled a strong and distinguished commitment to sustainable, elegant fashion.

The brand’s signature ethos – a blend of empowerment, sexiness, confidence, and versatility – was evident throughout the collection. Funari’s runway offering showcased feminine pieces infused with a dash of masculine flare, harking back to the retro aura of the seventies and tipping its hat to historical fashion. The color palette was a distinctive mix of shades ranging from mustard, dusty pink, robin’s egg blue, teal, and gold, with black being the core shade of the Funari brand.

This season, the brand also introduced an exclusive print featuring distorted hand-painted abstract art in teal and hot pink, lending an air of whimsical sophistication to the collection.

Key styles that caught the eye during Funari’s Paris runway voyage were the fit and flare raincoat made of unique materials like laser-cut foiled lace and waterproof technology, along with hand-painted vegan leather trench coats courtesy of artist Jodi DeCrenza. The collection also spotlighted wrinkle-resistant palazzo-style pleated pants made of recycled techno fibers.

The brand’s versatility was further delineated by its range of silhouettes. From comfortable corset styles paired with flowing ruffle skirts to more structured pencil skirts and floor-length skirts, the collection offered comprehensive fashion sensibilities to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

As the season turns, Funari New York will introduce a feminine, sexy, romantic, and mysterious element of surprise to spring. This shift is in line with the brand’s footprint in inclusivity and its intent to reach new horizons. In an almost playful turn, Funari New York has ventured beyond men and women’s fashion, even embracing pets within their range.

Funari New York’s brand ethos is practical, smart, innovative, and sexy. Most importantly, though, they pride themselves on being both environmentally conscious and ethical. The brand’s commitment to the environment extends into its manufacturing process, upholding a zero waste production management system.

For fans of Funari New York and those who are keen to keep up with its latest innovation in fashion, the brand hosts social media platforms where new releases, insight into their design process, and glimpses into their vibrant fashion shows are shared. You can follow Funari New York on Instagram and Facebook at @funarinewyork, or connect through their PR team at Alpha Elite Agency via email at

Funari New York, led by the inspiring Janelle Funari, has once again proven that fashion can be luxurious and environmentally conscious. By masterfully intertwining sustainability and high fashion, the brand continues to set the bar high, offering a unique brand of glamour that’s not just timeless, but also mindful of the planet.


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