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GiGi Diaz Empowers Women Entrepreneurs to Stay Seizing Happy

GiGi Diaz is an on-air personality in iHeartRadio sharing her positivity and good vibes for listeners across the country on multiple stations. Her passion for all things journalism began at a young age and brought to many accomplishments, including winning the Best Female Reporter and Best Crossover Radio Host awards for the national organization Women in the Arts. GiGi was also the first Hispanic sports reporter to work with the United States Trotting Association. But parallel to her love for journalism, GiGi has always had an equal passion for entrepreneurial ventures. She opened her first business at 17 years old, a dance studio called GiGi’s Academy, which is still open today and has been ranked Top 3 Dance Studios in its city for multiple consecutive years. 

But it was her desire for success and aspirations of greatness that landed her in an Emergency Room in her mid-20s, depleted from burnout. That is why she created her coaching organization Seizing Happy™. This organization has a ‘360 approach’ to coaching women entrepreneurs. “We believe in nurturing the business and the women behind it equally,” she says. “If you are not nurtured, and well, you cannot be your best version of a CEO, a wife, mom, or any other role you play in life.”

GiGi believes that the root of all success comes from a person’s mindset. Mindset Coaching is the process of helping an individual break away from limiting beliefs that hold them back from success. Mindset coaching is an effective and powerful way to solve life’s challenges, reach optimum performance, and achieve your goals. Via mindset coaching, people can develop a stronger sense of direction and tap into their full potential. 

In addition to 1-on-1 mindset coaching, Seizing Happy™ also offers online courses and workshops for entrepreneurs to achieve business growth.

Aside from her coaching organization and dance academy, GiGi is also the executive producer and host of the podcast Chats with GiGi, which has featured Chrissy Metz, Jay Leno, Dan Harris, and many others.

When asked for a turning point in her personal and professional life that changed everything for her, GiGi said it was sitting on that hospital cot. “I realized my business, my degrees, my clients were pointless with my body too exhausted to enjoy any of it,” she says. “I detoxed my entire life, from business to friendships. After lots of inner work, I got my ICF Certification as a Life Coach specializing in Happiness Studies and Mindfulness. Now I help other women entrepreneurs Achieve Success with Less Stress through my coaching business Seizing Happy™.”

Her experience led to the epiphanic moment that women who continuously achieve something and break the norms and limits need to take a holistic approach to embrace happiness and self-nurturing practices. The main goal of Seizing Happy™ is to help nurture the business and the woman behind it equally.  

“What I’ve found is that women tend to put the business, the family, the friends, the kids, and everything else first, leaving themselves last,” she added. “But you can’t pour from an empty cup. So our main goal is teaching women how to put themselves first and release their limiting beliefs, so they can show up at 100% to each role they want to play in life.”

Learn more about GiGi Diaz through her website and get updates from her by following her Instagram account.


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