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Hannah Power
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Hannah Power’s Incredible Rise from Battling PTSD and Addiction to Global Impact

By: Tom White 

In the vast sea of human experience, Hannah Power stands as a beacon of resilience and transformation. Merely half a decade ago, Hannah embodied the archetypal modern millennial professional, flourishing at Accenture amidst London’s bustling life of oat milk flat whites and ‘Thirsty Thursdays.’ Yet, at 23, her life’s trajectory was abruptly altered by a chilling ordeal in France—kidnapped and assaulted, she was thrust into an abyss, reshaping her very essence.

“In those dark hours, I came face to face with the fragility of life,” Hannah reflects, “It was a reminder that our time is finite and precious.”

Battling the shadows of trauma and a subsequent PTSD diagnosis, Hannah found herself spiraling, seeking solace in alcohol—a sanctuary for many who wage silent battles. Her struggles were compounded by a deepening disillusionment with the corporate world’s rigidity, igniting a quest for a life imbued not only with recovery but with a purpose that resonated with her being. “The path to healing is not just a journey but a death and rebirth of the self.” she shares.

The year 2018 marked a turning point when the burden of her unhealed scars and the confines of her career became insurmountable. Driven by a burning desire to heal and redefine her existence, Hannah embarked on a transformative journey—she left her structured London life for the spiritual embrace of Bali. It was in Canggu, amidst a vibrant community of digital nomads and innovative thinkers, that Hannah envisioned a different paradigm of life—one where the internet was a conduit for building businesses and leading movements from any corner of the world.

Yet, the path was fraught with challenges. In Bali, Hannah faced her alcohol dependency head-on, a confrontation that led to a severe accident and a subsequent hospital stay. This event became her clarion call to transformation, spurring a commitment to profound healing through introspection and unwavering dedication to personal growth.

It was during this period of intense self-discovery that Hannah unearthed the transformative potential of coaching and the solace of online personal brands. The vulnerability and wisdom of figures like Gabby Bernstein and Katie Piper, as well as the spiritual and existential guidance of Eckhart Tolle and Victor Frankl, mediated through the interconnected world of the internet, were instrumental in her recovery and self-actualization. “Their stories were lighthouses in my darkest times,” Hannah recalls, “guiding me back to a shore of hope and possibility.” 

Hannah Power’s journey, punctuated by adversity and triumph, encapsulates the essence of human resilience and the boundless potential for personal transformation. Her ascent from the depths of PTSD and addiction to becoming a global influencer and a beacon of hope for countless individuals is not just inspirational—it’s a testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome. Through her work, Hannah illuminates the path for others navigating their own struggles, embodying the principle that from the greatest challenges can emerge the most profound purposes. Her story serves as a poignant reminder that it’s not merely about surviving; it’s about thriving, transforming one’s deepest trials into stepping stones for growth and impact. As Hannah continues to share her journey, her legacy becomes a mirror reflecting the indomitable strength that resides within us all, urging us to confront our darkness and emerge not just unscathed, but empowered.

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