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Hit N Move Agility Gloves: Built for Aggression
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Hit N Move Agility Gloves: Built for Aggression

In boxing, the right gear can make all the difference. For sluggers, swarmers, and aggressive fighters, the AllDay Agility gloves are emerging as a reliable choice, offering a unique blend of power, stability, and control. These gloves, meticulously crafted with the needs of pressure fighters in mind, are setting a new standard in the boxing community.

Enhanced Power Transfer

One of the standout features of the AllDay Agility gloves is the larger grip bar. This design element allows fighters to maintain a firmer, more secure grip on their gloves. This feature is invaluable for aggressive boxers who rely on powerful punches to overwhelm their opponents. The enhanced grip translates to better power transfer from the punch to the opponent, making each strike more impactful. This is particularly beneficial for sluggers who aim to dominate their bouts with sheer force.

Increased Stability

Aggressive fighters often engage in intense exchanges where stability is crucial. The larger grip bar in the AllDay Agility gloves helps stabilize the hand within the glove, reducing the likelihood of slippage. This stability ensures that the fighter’s hands remain properly aligned, even during rapid and forceful combinations, thus minimizing the risk of injury. This added stability is a game-changer for swarmers who thrive on relentless, close-range assaults.

Improved Control

Precision is key in boxing, especially for fighters who maintain a high offensive pressure. The larger grip bar provides better control over the glove, allowing for more precise and controlled movements. This means that aggressive fighters can execute their punches more accurately, maintaining their offensive edge while minimizing counterattack openings. The enhanced control also contributes to the fighter’s overall efficiency in the ring.

Hit N Move Agility Gloves: Built for Aggression
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Enhanced Endurance

Boxing matches can be grueling, and maintaining a robust and secure fist throughout is essential for aggressive fighters. The ergonomic design of the AllDay Agility gloves ensures a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue. This allows fighters to sustain their intensity and high work rate throughout the match without the grip-related fatigue that can slow them down. This means pressure fighters can keep up their relentless assault from the first round to the last.

Injury Prevention

Aggressive fighters are prone to hand injuries due to their punches’ sheer volume and force. The AllDay Agility gloves, with their larger grip bar, help distribute the impact force more evenly across the hand. This reduces the risk of common injuries such as sprains and fractures, providing long-term protection for the fighter’s hands. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who throw numerous heavy punches and must safeguard their hands against long-term damage.

Craftsmanship and Design

The AllDay Agility gloves are both functional and a testament to high-quality craftsmanship. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, they feature AllDay Dr-T padding, a dual-purpose system suitable for sparring and bag work. This eliminates the need for fighters to switch between different gloves, offering convenience and versatility.

Another innovative feature is the aerodynamic dart-like padding design. By replicating the weight distribution of a dart, the gloves provide acceleration and optimized balance, aligning with the natural mechanics of a punch. This ergonomic design enhances the fighter’s performance while offering superior protection.

Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather, the gloves offer a premium experience and ensure durability and comfort. Designed and engineered in the USA, the AllDay Agility gloves combine advanced technology with quality materials, resulting in a product that meets the high standards of professional and amateur fighters.

Hit N Move Agility Gloves: Built for Aggression
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

A Word About Hit N Move and Its Founder

Ozhan Akcakaya, the founder and CEO of Hit N Move, has brought innovative boxing gear to the market. With a passion for boxing and a commitment to quality, Akcakaya has built a brand that resonates with fighters worldwide. Under his leadership, Hit N Move continues to push the boundaries of boxing equipment design, ensuring that fighters have access to gear that enhances their performance and protects them in the ring.


The AllDay Agility gloves are a perfect example of how thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship can meet the specific needs of different types of fighters. These gloves offer enhanced power, stability, control, endurance, and injury prevention for sluggers, swarmers, and aggressive boxers. As the boxing world continues to evolve, gear like the AllDay Agility gloves will undoubtedly play a crucial role in helping fighters achieve their best in the ring.


Published By: Aize Perez

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