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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Hit N Move: Ozhan Akcakaya’s Vision for Authentic Boxing Gear

By: Hit N Move

In the competitive world of boxing equipment, Hit N Move distinguishes itself through a philosophy grounded in independence, quality, and personal integrity. Founded by Ozhan Akcakaya, the company has carved out a niche by rejecting traditional paths of celebrity endorsements and investor-driven expansion, focusing instead on authentic product development and innovation.

Commitment to Authenticity and Independence

Ozhan Akcakaya’s dedication to maintaining control over his business is a cornerstone of Hit N Move’s philosophy. “I do not wake up in the morning and answer to investors,” Ozhan states firmly. His approach is a stark contrast to the typical corporate strategy in the sports gear industry. By avoiding the influence of investors and the allure of celebrity endorsements, Ozhan remains true to his passion for boxing and his commitment to authenticity. “If we accept investors and then move into a celebrity recruitment lifestyle, that’s not the life I aspire to,” he explains. Instead, he finds joy in sparring with friends, working the bags in his yard, and spending quality time with his family.

This philosophy is not just about personal preference; it’s a guiding principle that ensures Hit N Move stays true to its mission. “I do not want to answer to anyone who can’t box like me, who doesn’t have a medical background and degree in business,” Ozhan asserts. By retaining full control, he can make decisions that align with his vision and expertise.

Focus on Product Innovation

Ozhan’s commitment to independence allows Hit N Move to prioritize product development and innovation over financial gain. “I can easily offer equity and bring in investors, but this means we have to give up something,” he says. By rejecting external funding, the company can focus on creating superior boxing gear that meets the highest standards.

The company’s flagship product, the Turtle Mitts, exemplifies this commitment to quality. These mitts have become a favorite among world champions and top coaches, such as Coach Boogie, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Calvin Ford, and Alex Rivera. Hit N Move’s products are developed with a deep understanding of the sport, ensuring they cater to the needs of professional athletes.

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Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

Quality Speaks Louder Than Words

At Hit N Move, the focus is on letting the quality of the products speak for itself. This approach is evident in their innovative aerodynamic padding, Dart Dr-t, which fits the anatomical structure of a fist perfectly for an optimal punch. This attention to detail sets Hit N Move apart from its competitors.

Hit N Move Ozhan Akcakaya’s Vision for Boxing Gear
Photo Courtesy: Hit N Move

A Family-Run Business

Hit N Move operates as a family business, with Ozhan working alongside his father Metin, his wife Alaina Akcakaya, and his brother Sam. This family dynamic fosters a deep sense of care and precision in every product they create. Their collaborative effort drives the company forward, continually pushing the boundaries of what boxing gear can achieve.

Organic Growth Through Quality

Rather than relying on extensive marketing campaigns, Hit N Move focuses on the inherent quality of its products. This grassroots approach has proven effective, as their gear is widely used by top-tier athletes. From the Turtle Mitts and 24oz gloves to DR-T padding, Süvari Horse Hair Gloves, and Precision Headgear tested by Virginia Tech Labs, every item is designed with the athlete’s needs in mind.

Passion and Innovation

The success of Hit N Move is driven by Ozhan Akcakaya’s passion for boxing and his hands-on approach to product development. By concentrating on perfecting boxing gear one innovation at a time, Ozhan and his family have built a brand that garners respect and trust within the boxing community. This dedication to quality and authenticity forms the bedrock of their business.

In a market often characterized by flashy endorsements and aggressive marketing, Hit N Move’s commitment to excellence and authenticity provides a refreshing alternative. For Ozhan, the focus isn’t just on selling gear; it’s about contributing meaningfully to the sport he loves and ensuring that all boxers, from amateurs to professionals, have access to the best equipment. This philosophy, rooted in personal passion and professional integrity, makes Hit N Move a standout in the world of boxing gear.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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