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How Bri 333 Found Her Voice, Out to Captivate Audiences With First EP

Although Bri 333 was born with a natural gift for music, she did not always have the confidence and the courage to release her songs to the world. But after facing many trials and tribulations, she finally found her voice. Currently working on her first EP as an independent artist, Bri proves that she is one to watch. This year 2022, she is fearlessly amplifying her talent as a music consultant for Under Pressure Stonebridge Anthem Mix.

Singer and songwriter Bri 333 hails from Illinois but traces her roots to South Africa and Italy, both enriching her with diverse cultures and a genuine love for music. On both sides of her heritage, music has always been one of the things that were highlighted. And so, growing up, she also grew a passion for music, which eventually pushed her to maximize her innate talent for the craft and share what she had to say musically with the rest of the world.

Bri shared that when her mother was still carrying her in the womb, she used to place headphones on her belly and played classical music. Even before she entered the world, Bri had the privilege to listen to masterful compositions by some of the most creative minds in music history. Naturally, Bri fell in love with classical music, and she has been listening to the genre for as long as she can remember.

From a young age, Bri attended opera and orchestras. Her parents also enrolled her in piano at age nine after she expressed that she wanted to learn how to make the music she heard in a ballet class. Shortly after, she started singing and taking part in plays through an acting camp, even getting the lead as the ugly duckling. Ever since young, Bri has always stood out and showed great promise as a music artist.

All throughout her high school years, Bri attended guitar and vocal lessons regularly at a performing arts school. By this time, she had also started recording original songs and covers in her room. Although she produced many great pieces of music independently, she never released her first songs. Bri always wrote songs, but she never saw herself recording and releasing her masterpieces until 2019. The year brought many dark and challenging circumstances in her life but molded her to be stronger and more confident in her music. She gained the material she needed to move forward and create what she always wanted to do. 2019 marked the beginning of her rise, and in the late months of the year, she recorded and released her first single called “ICU in Me.”

Her debut single captivated audiences from all walks of life, dubbing “ICU in Me” a “certified classic.” She also released “Beautiful End” in 2019, a song that narrates the story of the struggle of loving a man and woman at once.

The following year, she released “Under Pressure” as well as “No.9,” a song for love. Always on a mission to improve her music, Bri never confines herself to one genre. Instead, she showcases her love for all types of music – R&B, Afro-pop, dance, hard, classic rock, blues, and classical music, and explores them in ways unimaginable.

While creating her upcoming EP, Bri ensured that her personality was showcased by creating and executing a plan, which she shared was “difficult but rewarding.”


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