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Impact Influencer and Thought Leader Nezha Alaoui Partners with Major Media Group to Expand Her Presence in the Gulf

Many individuals claim to champion the welfare of women, but only very few have the track record to show for it. However, in the Gulf area, one remarkable woman stands out for her impressive work advocating and empowering women—Nezha Alaoui.

She is an extraordinary impact influencer who uses her voice and reach to advocate for women’s economic empowerment. Through her efforts in reaching out to the audience, she has amassed an active community of 1.9 million high-level women. This impressive feat is not merely an indication of her digital influence but rather an organic following that she built by organizing and spearheading physical events.

She has hosted various events like conferences aimed to bring together policymakers, corporate leaders, and activists. The intention behind these assemblies is to build awareness and implement strategies to reach the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In addition, the Moroccan-born entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of The Mayshad Group. It is a women-centric conglomerate that comprises enterprises dedicated to leadership, development, diversity, and inclusion.

On top of that, Nezha Alaoui runs the New York-based organization WOMEN CHOICE, which works closely with brands, corporations, and institutions to implement diversity and inclusion initiatives and campaigns. 

Moreover, the visionary individual has created an incredible global network of women founders, executives, and influencers who engage and support her movement for women’s empowerment.

Nezha Alaoui has successfully separated herself from other influencers by being authentic and consistent in championing her message through the career choices she makes, initiatives she creates and advocacies she supports. Because of this, she has become the go-to influencer for brands who share the same mindset and wish to collaborate. 

Aside from running successful ventures and speaking on global platforms to champion women’s rights, the insightful individual also shares her impressive ideals and principles as a published author. She wrote a book that tackles the 12 fundamental values of leadership called Be a Leader.

When asked what motivated her to keep pursuing her noble cause, she confidently shared, “I always had a vision for women to achieve their full potential. As I have built myself strongly and analyzed what are the powerful tools that have made me a go-getter. I have created my organization to give women even more support than I have had, teaching them the tools that have worked for me and still work as I keep growing.”

Due to her relentless determination and unwavering perseverance, Nezha Alaoui has immensely scaled her success. She is a testament that women can be unstoppable when they want to and that they have what it takes to become leaders and authorities in whatever industry they choose to participate in. 

Moving forward, the awe-inspiring leader sees herself as a strong ambassador for brands and corporations that want to attract a female audience through an authentic message. In addition, she aims to partner with brands in creating innovative solutions, products, and services that would bring more value to the women in her network and community. You can learn more about Nezha Alaoui by visiting her Motivate talent page. To know more about The Mayshad Group, go to its official website.

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