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The LA Fashion Show
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Influencers Shine at The LA Fashion Show: A Glimpse into Glamour and Influence

The LA Fashion Show, renowned for its glamour and prestige, recently showcased a dazzling array of talent, with top influencers gracing the event. This article delves into the lives and achievements of four such personalities who have not only made their mark in the fashion world but also influenced millions through their unique styles and inspiring journeys.

1. Marc Mansour: The Veteran Fashion Model and Casting Director

Marc Mansour, a name synonymous with experience and elegance in the modeling world, has an impressive career spanning over 15 years. Having strutted on runways in Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Beirut, Kuwait, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, Marc’s expertise is unparalleled. At The LA Fashion Show, he took on the pivotal role of Casting Director, bringing his wealth of experience to the forefront and shaping the show’s success.

2. Dr. Tala Golzar: The Influential Blogger and Philanthropist

With a staggering 2.5 million followers on Instagram, Dr. Tala Golzar is more than just a social media sensation. As a Doctor of Pharmacy, she combines her medical knowledge with a passion for lifestyle blogging. Her philanthropic endeavors and insightful content have made her a role model for many. Her presence at The LA Fashion Show highlighted the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, and social influence.

3. Mila Tkachenko: The Ukrainian Fashion Designer with a Global Following

Mila Tkachenko, a fashion designer with Ukrainian roots, has captivated 1.6 million followers with her unique designs. Her participation in The LA Fashion Show as both a designer and an ambassador showcased her talent and influence in the fashion industry. Mila’s designs reflect her heritage and have put her on the map as a global fashion icon.

4. Nabila Sambella: The Comedian Influencer and Ambassador of Laughter

Nabila Bainou, known for her infectious humor and engaging content, is an influencer who brings joy to her 800,000 Instagram followers. Her role as an ambassador for The LA Fashion Show and her unique modeling stint for Mama Kerr, a renowned makeup artist blogger with over 2 million followers, highlights her versatility and appeal. Nabila’s ability to blend comedy with fashion makes her a standout influencer.


The LA Fashion Show not only displayed high fashion but also celebrated the influencers who shaped the industry. Marc Mansour, Dr. Tala Golzar, Mila Tkachenko, and Nabila  Sambella represent the diverse talents that converge in the world of fashion, each bringing their unique flair and influence. Their participation in The LA Fashion Show underscores the event’s status as a melting pot of talent, style, and inspiration.

In March 2024, the most grandiose Fashion Show in Los Angeles will take place, featuring over 50 fashion designers from various countries and more than 400 models. Mr. SAS has already captivated fashion industry enthusiasts with his show in September 2023, and the new season promises to be much more extensive, attracting both fashion aficionados and professionals from the film industry

For the first time in Los Angeles, the Fashion Awards were held, where the best models, fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists were selected in 10 categories. The new season also promises many interesting events, and with the company SAS, ordinary fashion turns into a real celebration.

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