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Sergey Karman
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Introducing the AI-Infused ELD Shift: Reinventing Logistics with EzChatAI & Ezlogz

Experience the game-changing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the trucking and logistics industry through the innovative Electronic Logging Device (ELD) developed by EzChatAI in collaboration with industry heavyweight Ezlogz.

Presenting EzChatAI: A Leader in AI-Driven Logistics Solutions

EzChatAI, a cutting-edge subsidiary of the progressive EzTechTonic group, was founded by the forward-thinking “CJ” Sergey Karman. Joining forces with market leader Ezlogz, they have developed the world’s first AI-integrated Electronic Logging Device (ELD). This sophisticated technology is set to revolutionize the logistics sector by providing truck drivers with an intelligent driving companion, streamlining operations, and developing new standards for safety.

About the Founder: “CJ” Sergey Karman

Sergey “CJ” Karman, the founder of the EzTechTonic group and the driving force behind EzChatAI, is a highly esteemed entrepreneur and innovator in the tech world. With a background in Logistics and IT, Karman has gained years of experience creating various technology startups, and he is also the Founder and CEO of Ezlogz. 

A fervent advocate for the power of AI, Karman’s vision is to harness its potential to transform the logistics and transportation sectors, making them more efficient, safer, and sustainable. His unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence has earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the AI and logistics fields.

EzChatAI is committed to providing truck drivers, fleet managers, and logistics companies with unparalleled AI capabilities that optimize performance, minimize costs, and simplify navigation through the intricacies of modern transportation.

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AI Integration Ushers in a New Age for ELD Systems

The collaboration between Ezlogz and EzChatAI marks the beginning of a new era in ELD systems, characterized by the adoption of AI technology. This dynamic partnership combines Ezlogz’s wealth of industry knowledge with EzChatAI’s AI expertise to develop an innovative, tailored platform that delivers real-time data and customized recommendations to truck drivers.

Core Advantages of the AI-Enriched ELD Platform

Heightened Safety: The AI-driven ELD solution by Ezlogz and EzChatAI significantly enhances road safety. The AI Chatbot offers real-time weather and traffic information, empowering drivers to make well-informed decisions, evade hazardous situations, and choose the safest paths. In addition, advanced algorithms analyze driving patterns and predict potential risks, ensuring proactive measures to avoid accidents.

Increased Efficiency: The AI Chatbot devises optimal routes, assisting drivers in avoiding traffic jams, conserving time, and cutting fuel expenses. The ELD system automatically records drivers’ service hours, eliminating manual data input. Furthermore, AI-driven analytics help fleet managers allocate resources more effectively, maximizing fleet performance and reducing idle time.

Tailored Suggestions: The EzChatAI platform adapts to user input and provides customized guidance to individual truck drivers. The assistant recommends rest stops based on driving habits and shares fuel efficiency advice. The AI assistant analyzes driver behavior and performance and delivers actionable insights to improve efficiency and safety.

FMCSA Compliance: The ELD system guarantees adherence to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations by auto-recording drivers’ service hours and issuing alerts as maximum driving time approaches. This ensures drivers and fleet managers can focus on their core tasks without worrying about regulatory compliance.

Effortless Integration: The ELD system seamlessly connects with existing fleet management and dispatch systems, delivering a hassle-free experience for drivers and fleet managers. Real-time updates on truck locations and conditions enhance transparency and accountability across the logistics chain.


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