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Introducing the Queen of Saving: How QT Coupons Impacts Lives One Coupon at a Time

Couponing has become a widespread phenomenon across the United States for decades now, but many are still in the dark. Before she found a knack for couponing, 32-year-old Tiana Thomas, Wife & Mother of 4, better known as QT Coupons, was like everyone else–clueless as to how and where to begin. But with a little bit of research and rekindling the couponing spirit embedded in her genes, she has become one of the leading coupon experts in the county. The best part is, QT Coupons amplifies her knowledge to change lives through social media and her new ebook called Being a QT Couponer.

Billions of coupons are produced in the United States alone. With that much available in circulation, QT Coupons believe that there’s truly no reason why people should not get into couponing and save as much as they can on their shopping trips. The expert grew up watching her grandmother scour through newspaper inserts to find the best coupon deals, but she never understood the value of it until she was making the shopping trips by herself.

“When I first learned about coupons, I was a child helping my grandmother clip them every week from the Sunday newspaper. I used to think to myself why we are taking hours of our time every week clipping when we will only save $1 per coupon. It didn’t make sense to me how that little value of helping us save. She never broke it down to me, but I can say I don’t ever recall running out of toilet paper or laundry soap growing up as a child,” QT Coupons recalled.

Zooming into 2018, QT Coupons stumbled upon a social media post by a friend who shared how she saved money by using coupons for the baskets of items she acquired. Right then and there, the coupon queen got hooked by the idea of using coupons to avoid paying full price, remembering how her grandmother did the same.

She reached out to her friend to enlighten her about couponing, but unfortunately, QT Coupons did not get the response she needed to kick-start her couponing journey. She did not let that stop her though. QT Coupons decided to do the work herself, researching the know-hows of couponing, where to get the best coupons from, and how to make the best deals.

Since she began to coupon on her own in 2018, QT Coupons has not looked back ever since. “Initially, I thought it was just something I thought I would do just to save a few bucks from time to time. I mean, I was always trying to get a deal here and there because, by nature, I am cheap when it comes to shopping. But, couponing is saving on an entirely different level,” she shared. Today, three years after her life-changing move to coupon, the expert is committed to not only maintaining her budget-efficient lifestyle but also helping others who want to save more for themselves and their families.

Besides helping people save using coupons, QT Coupons is also the owner of Gold Star Tax Service LLC in California, a company dedicated to helping people reduce their taxes effectively without violating any legality in the process.

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