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Is Seek Bamboo Legit? What You Need To Know About This Eco-Friendly Brand

Today, we’re taking a look at Seek Bamboo, one of the hottest eco-friendly companies out there. With a wide range of products and services, there’s plenty to cover about this unique company and their emphasis on zero-waste living.

We always recommend researching a brand before you buy what they have on offer, and Seek Bamboo is no exception. We’re here to help you answer the question, “Is Seek Bamboo Legit?” and get you on the right track in your eco-friendly purchasing efforts.

What Is Seek Bamboo?

Founded back in 2018, Seek Bamboo ( a unique personal and home care company with a focus on zero-waste products. The brand provides customers with sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic goods by using fast-growing, eco-friendly bamboo. 

Seek Bamboo’s eco-friendly goods include vegan hair care essentials, natural skincare products, sustainable dental hygiene gear, and more. The brand also offers a range of bamboo-based home goods, including toilet paper, paper towels, dryer balls, and dish cleaning supplies.

The Seek Bamboo name has grown ever more popular over the last few years as sustainability awareness has risen. With worldwide concerns about climate change, overconsumption, and the use of single-use materials, SB’s rise couldn’t be more timely.

Seek Bamboo Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews for Seek Bamboo’s products tend to be overwhelmingly positive. In fact, several of the SB products we checked out have nearly unanimous five-star reviews — and that’s saying something. 

Of all of the products Seek Bamboo offers, their highest-rated and most popular are their eco-friendly, vegan hair care offerings. With hundreds of five-star reviews, their unique shampoo and conditioner bars are the first SB products to try if you want to see what this sustainability-focused brand is all about.

In addition to their hair care products, Seek Bamboo’s paper towels are extremely popular and highly-rated as well. One reviewer called them “super strong, super tough, super absorbent, and sustainably manufactured.” That’s high praise!

Product Quality and Sustainability

Seek Bamboo’s key ingredient — their namesake bamboo — is the secret to the sustainability of their products. Starting out the supply chain with bamboo makes SB’s products significantly more eco-friendly than their plastic-using competitors without requiring a compromise on quality.

However, Seek Bamboo also holds to high standards when it comes to their ingredient lists. They avoid artificial fragrances, animal-derived ingredients, and unnecessary chemicals, aiming for a cleaner product that’s better for the planet — and for you.

Seek Bamboo’s Mission and Values

Seek Bamboo’s mission, according to their site, is to offer “the latest sustainable household products.” They value ethical sourcing and production, have no tolerance for animal cruelty, and are committed to helping the planet ditch single-use plastics. With their reusable paper towels, plastic-free hair care products, and more, they’ve held true to these values since their founding in 2018.

About the Founder of Seek Bamboo 

Seek Bamboo’s Founder, Carrie Romeo, started the company with the goal of revolutionizing the daily beauty routine. Romeo saw an opportunity to show others that daily habits matter for the planet, and that personal care doesn’t have to mean neglecting our environment. By encouraging her customers to ditch plastic for sustainable bamboo, Carrie has made a major impact and helped others do the same!

Conclusion: Is Seek Bamboo a Legitimate Brand?

So, is Seek Bamboo legit? We think so. With a proven commitment to sustainability, tons of positive reviews, and transparency about the methods and ingredients they use in their products, this eco-friendly company has our vote of confidence. Overall, we’re very impressed by their wide range of products and the many uses for SB’s offerings around the house.

Learn More About Seek Bamboo 

To learn more about Seek Bamboo, we recommend visiting and taking a look through their variety of products. Whether you’re looking to level up your sustainability game in the bathroom, the kitchen, or elsewhere, Seek Bamboo has you covered with their eco-friendly bamboo-based products.

We give Seek Bamboo a high rating for quality, sustainability, and transparency about their practices. This is a company you can count on for useful, long-lasting personal care and home care that is both good for you and good for the planet!


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