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ITSEUNCHAE: Unveiling the Dark Side of Korea's Beauty Standards
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ITSEUNCHAE: Unveiling the Dark Side of Korea’s Beauty Standards

Countless content creators thrive in the world of social media, but only a few stand out for their truly inspiring messages. One such creator is Eunchae, popular on social media as ITSEUNCHAE. This motivating TikToker and internet personality has been defying society’s beauty standards through her posts. Her inspiration has been the mindless bullying she went through as a teen because of her body type. Now Eunchae is on a mission to push the boundaries of these beauty standards so every teen can confidently embrace themselves as they are. 

Hailing from the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, a country known for its high beauty standards, Eunchae didn’t feel like a regular teenager. From a bullied teen with insecurities to a TikTok sensation in the United States, her story is drenched in grit and resilience, showcasing her relentless spirit to defy unfair beauty standards in Korea. The cultural difference between South Korea and the United States is evident in her content. She stands tall against the body shaming culture in Korea that encourages young girls to diet.     

Born with darker skin and a different body type, Eunchae faced criticism that affected her self-esteem. Words like “you have elephant legs” made her deeply insecure about her appearance as a teen. She tried cutting down what she ate to look a certain way, only to feel weak and unhealthy. Life took a positive turn for Eunchae after she moved to the U.S. three years ago. She discovered a beauty culture that is more inclusive and learned to embrace her body.  

Realizing how millions of teens idealize the toxic beauty culture in Korea, Eunchae is determined to share her experiences to bring a change in this realm. She believes the media and society have created this beauty standard by only focusing on fair-skinned, skinny girls. As a content creator, she has embarked on a journey of self-expression to help people embrace their true selves and not narrow beauty conventions. 

Often called the “Thick Asian Girl” or “Korean Chun Li” on the internet, Eunchae now takes it as a compliment on her natural body type. Many of her videos have gone viral, and her message resonates with people. She has TikTok videos that earned 10 million, 15 million, and even 18 million views. Currently, Eunchae has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and two Instagram accounts that have amassed more than 500K followers each in just 2 years. 

Eunchae is living the life of her dreams. She is an avid traveler and educates people on Korean culture and language. Most importantly, she is reshaping the definition of Korean beauty to help young girls feel more confident with how they look. She wants people to know they can be any weight range or skin color and still be beautiful. What is more important is to love the body they are gifted with and live healthily. 

The journey for Eunchae doesn’t end as a content creator. She has big dreams for the future and envisions becoming a leading figure in the Korean media landscape. She wants to be a prominent YouTuber, TikToker, and actor. Eunchae also looks forward to collaborating with big brands and being featured in commercials. One of her goals is to start her own clothing line, which she already has a clear roadmap for. Amidst all these plans, Eunchae will continue to spread the powerful message of self-love and acceptance through her content.

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