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J.Roy to Release Music Video TUT Independence Day
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Roy to Release Music Video “TUT” Independence Day

By: Monet Anais

Out of Massachusetts, stands an artist whose dedication to his craft and unique sound is setting a new standard for musical artistry. Justin Roy, known professionally as J. Roy, is not just another name in the vast sea of aspiring musicians. He is a beacon of originality and determination, emerging as a pivotal figure in the pop/rap genre fusion.

J. Roy’s journey into the limelight is one characterized by relentless hard work, a deep passion for music, and an unwavering commitment to his personal life values. With a decade of songwriting and recording under his belt, J. Roy has meticulously crafted a collection of tracks that resonate with a wide array of audiences. His music does more than just entertain; it invites listeners into a narrative, compelling them to move, think, and feel deeply about the stories woven into his lyrics.

The turning point in J. Roy’s career came with the release of his “Been Real” music video, which catapulted him to new heights by amassing over 1 million views and earning him 50k new fans. This milestone was not just a testament to his talent but also a clear indication that J. Roy was ready to elevate his career further.

As he gears up to release his new music video for “TUT,” anticipation builds among fans eager to see what innovative direction he will take next. However, it is his upcoming project “Up in the Sky” that is generating unparalleled excitement. Scheduled for filming at the end of August in Las Vegas, this music video marks J. Roy’s first venture into blending pop with rap—a bold move that signifies his versatility as an artist.

The endorsement from hip-hop legend Riff Raff serves as a significant co-sign for J. Roy’s burgeoning career. Such recognition from established figures in the industry not only boosts visibility but also affirms the quality and potential impact of J. Roy’s music on both current trends and future generations.

Amidst these promising developments lies an even bigger project—the completion of his debut album titled “Balance.” Set to be released by the end of this summer, “Balance” encapsulates J. Roy’s journey through life’s ups and downs, showcasing his ability to create harmony between contrasting elements within his music and personal life.

Juggling multiple roles is no easy feat; yet, for J. Roy, being an independent artist striving for success in Hollywood while maintaining commitments outside of music is part of what makes him stand out. Beyond his artistic persona lies a man dedicated first and foremost to being an exceptional father and husband—values that ground him amidst the whirlwind nature of the entertainment industry.

His dual role as a Division 3 basketball referee exemplifies this balance perfectly—a testament to his quote: “I strive to be a great dad first, husband then focus on my craft as a rapper and Division 3 basketball referee to support my music dreams.” It’s this groundedness combined with raw talent that endears him further to fans who appreciate not just the musician but also the man behind the music.

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Published by: Martin De Juan

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