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Jesus Presinal (JP) on the Artistry between Movement and Photography

Jesus Presinal, or JP, is a performer and the creative director behind the Freeze Frame Movement Photography concept, which involves transforming videos into still images. The idea was derived from the two things that JP loves the most–dancing and photography. 

JP’s talent in photography was an unexpected discovery. When his shoulder was accidentally subluxated during one of his practice sessions, he had to halt his dancing and performance activities. An unseen opportunity rose then when Nikon contacted JP for a social media project. Nikon entrusted him with a camera, and that jump-started his photography journey.

As a newbie, JP allotted a lot of time and effort to learn and master the basics of photography. He displays remarkable attention to detail not only when taking photographs but also during their post-production. The top-notch results are seen through every photo posted and shared on his social media platforms. People all over Instagram and TikTok took notice of his excellent works, and he was able to gain thousands of audience and followers. 

At first, JP did not think much about what would come out of his attempt at being a photographer, but as he kept creating with his Nikon camera, the Freeze Frame Movement Photography started to gain traction. 

The road to success for JP has not been easy. Failures and setbacks are part of it, even when he was still starting as a dancer. JP came from a Dominican family who is opposed to his dream of becoming a performer. So at a young age, he set off to forge his own path in the industry. Inspired by many great dancers on television, he practiced hard to perfect his craft. He dabbled in various street performances along the streets of New York City until a talent agency recognized his capability and potential. 

JP became a part of the agency’s roster of talent, which paved the way for him to sign a deal with the Brooklyn Nets, who gave him the opportunity for commercials, TV and music video appearances. He is also content creator for RedBull. In addition, he was able to travel around Europe while performing on a luxury cruise ship.

Behind JP’s number of accomplishments is the hard work and motivation to continue; the courage to take a leap and build new dreams when there is a need to pause from the old ones. His achievements in both the performance and photography industry are a result of his relentless perseverance.

At present, JP is able to build a good name for himself. He continues to exhibit his remarkable artistry and talent with every post he makes. By far, the Freeze Frame Movement Photography is JP’s most-known project.

“Sometimes there are pictures you cannot see with your eyes, so here is a different set of eyes to look at things from,” JP explains the thought behind the project. He aims to show how the different perspectives derived from the same photo hold a significant value. 

Find more about JP and the Freeze Frame Movement Photography by visiting his website, Instagram, and TikTok account.


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