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JTS Vacations: Pioneer of Stress-Free Travel Experiences

Vacations are fun. Planning? It depends on who you ask. Seasoned travelers would say it’s a blast, but first-timers would say otherwise. For JTS Vacations, planning is vital for the enjoyment of your trip, and they would not have it any other way. 

JTS Vacations acts as a travel concierge that helps people arrange the perfect escape. Carefully tailored itineraries are the essence of this remarkable brand. They take into account every aspect of their client’s trip and personalize it based on their requests. They are consistent with their work; JTS Vacations also elevate travel experience by ensuring their client is free of worry even after a trip. 

Shamica Davis, the founder of JTS Vacations, understands how demanding and hectic life can be at times. However, offering a stress-free environment for those planning their long-awaited vacations is why she started the company in the first place. Stemming from her love of travel, Shamica always had a knack for planning trips. She would plan family vacations one after another, and she would ultimately always be disappointed at how lacking some of these agencies can be when it came to customer support. So, Shamica started taking copious notes about the matter and did even more research. She knew at that moment that providing better assistance to vacationists was her calling, and she indeed rose to the occasion. 

There are plenty of factors that set JTS Vacations apart from their competitors. Their unmatched client support is one of them as they go above and beyond, delivering them an outstanding advantage. The company also favors having their clients well-informed about all the planning to avoid blindsiding them. This way, the customer still knows about the destination, its rich culture, and everything else that makes them confident tourists. 

JTS Vacations offers their clientele the 3PEG strategic approach: plan, pay, pack, educate, and go. They plan every detail of the experience while creating individual payment plans for their customers to guarantee that the trip is paid for even before leaving the house, creating a hassle-free environment. This way, clients can take a step back and relax. After all, it’s all about the soothing thought of not having to map an entire vacation all by themselves.

The company covers everything from the beginning to the end of the trip for the client’s maximum contentment. So, in addition to an already gratifying experience, booking for a second time won’t be a problem because the client will receive the same customized experience every single time they come back, making it even better.

Even now, as her company’s success is cemented in the field of travel, Shamica believes that she can offer more in the years to come. With this in mind, she has planned to create a Chief Experience Officer coaching program that would educate new travel agents on the particularities of running a lucrative travel agency and ready them for all the challenges that come with the business. To know more about JTS Vacations, head on to their official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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