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Karla Hernandez: Bridging Communities through Radio and Influence
Photo Courtesy: Karla Hernandez

Karla Hernandez: Bridging Communities through Radio and Influence

Karla Hernandez is a dynamic force in media and entertainment. She’s not just a radio personality; she’s a creative strategist and storyteller. Through her work, she has demonstrated how communication can inspire change and bridge gaps in society. 

Hernandez believes that communication is the cornerstone of the community. Whether through anecdotes, stories, or simply uplifting others, she emphasizes that when people use their voices, they create connections. Drawing from her experience in radio, she highlights how millions of listeners from diverse backgrounds come together through the medium, finding common ground and shared experiences. 

Having worked in diverse markets such as Los Angeles,  Phoenix, and now Chicago, Hernandez has honed her ability to connect with audiences from varied cultural backgrounds. She acknowledges people’s pride in their communities and utilizes this understanding to foster connections through her radio shows. By finding commonalities among individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, she creates an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome.

Karla Hernandez: Bridging Communities through Radio and Influence
Photo Courtesy: Karla Hernandez

Beyond her radio career, Hernandez is also a performer. She participates in pageants like Miss US Latina and studies at Second City. She seamlessly integrates her interests with her professional life, recognizing the value each brings to the other. Whether hosting a radio show or performing on stage, her passion for storytelling and entertaining shines through. 

As a first-generation Latina, Hernandez draws strength from her immigrant background. Her motto, “Puedes, Pudiste, y  Podras,” reflects her resilience and determination to overcome challenges. She aims to inspire other Latinas to pursue their dreams and break barriers in their fields. 

Throughout her career, Hernandez has interacted with notable personalities such as Chelsea Handler and Tïesto. These experiences have enriched her journey and allowed her to create lasting memories while connecting with her audience on a deeper level. 

Recently, Hernandez embarked on a new endeavor by developing her show on B96. With this platform, she seeks to engage and entertain her audience by creating Chicago-centric content and fostering interaction through social media. 

Hernandez has become a prominent Chicago influencer outside of her radio career. She balances these roles by immersing herself in the local community, documenting her experiences, and sharing them with her audience. By living life alongside her listeners, she strengthens her connection with them and enriches their experience of the city. 

From humble beginnings launching her broadcasting journey in the vibrant city of Phoenix to ascending as a prominent media figure in the bustling metropolis of Chicago, Hernandez’s path has been punctuated by both trials and triumphs. Yet, through her unyielding dedication, unwavering resilience, and steadfast commitment to her craft, she has not only persevered but thrived. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and passion as she blurs a trail of inspiration, fostering connections and uniting communities through communication.


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