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Keith Laue, the Purpose-Driven Content Creator Using His Reach and Influence to Mobilize Communities

An innumerable combination of factors can serve as the fuel behind a person’s drive to make a name for themselves in their target industry. Countless are motivated by the vision of a financially secure future, one that allows them to no longer live paycheck to paycheck while others go all-out to see their legacy cemented in history. In the case of Keith Laue, a highly respected content creator, model, and budding entrepreneur, making a difference and mobilizing communities have stood at the core of his initiatives from the beginning. Right now, he continues to utilize his platforms to talk about what matters, capitalizing on his reach and influence to inspire others to contribute toward preserving the environment for the next generations. 

A rising figure in today’s social media sites, Keith Laue has quickly amassed over 360,000 followers and gained millions of views on his videos, thanks not only to the quality of every piece of content he puts out but also to the message he conveys through each of his projects. From the get-go, he’s managed to stay afloat amid a sea of personalities in cyberspace, an accomplishment that not all creators can claim to have achieved and a feat he was able to bag under his belt because of the emphasis he places on making a lifelong impact, bringing happiness and optimism even to heavy topics and raising awareness about pressing issues that affect people. 

The awe-inspiring commitment that Keith Laue has toward capitalizing on his influence to open and deepen conversations about veganism, environmental conservation, voter registration, sustainable living, and more isn’t surprising in light of how he’s always been mindful of the nature of his platform. When he hit his third year in college and captured the interest of over 100,000 followers, he confronted several questions: “What do I stand for on my platform?” and “How am I making the world a better place?”

Mulling over those important points pushed Keith Laue to drop out of university and become a content creator as a way to empower his community. Since then, he’s been a solid presence in several digital platforms, creating quality and professional content for the brands he collaborates with, shedding light on critical issues, highlighting the importance of protecting the planet, and encouraging other creators to find a balance between making the content they are passionate about and staying in touch with the realities of the world. 

Apart from giving a spotlight to a wide variety of topics people need to hear about and partnering with brands to feature eco-conscious products and their stories, Keith Laue is also using his career as a model to promote fitness. A firm believer in health and wellness, he is set to launch an impressive selection of digital products designed to guide people through the journey of eating plant-based food and help them stay fit. Years down the road, Keith Laue hopes to leave the planet a better place for his daughter. With this overarching goal in mind and propelled by the mission to contribute to a future where the next generations can enjoy the planet, he will not slow down anytime soon in embarking on purpose-driven initiatives.


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