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Keith Milo on Using Creative Energy to Make an Impact

Another creative has been on the rise as of late, garnering audiences and communities’ attention everywhere. His name is Keith Milo, singer, songwriter, producer, creative director, and entrepreneur who is creating a lasting impact on the music industry, creative world, and the entire planet through his many ventures.

It’s hard to miss Keith’s work and personality. He has a charisma and style that is only amplified by dominance and confidence, making him quickly stand out. A native of Dallas, Texas, the artist and musician has been writing and producing music for quite a while now. His vocal capability— i.e., his five-octave voice range and mastery of various styles and genres— makes him one of the most versatile singers to ever rise in the music industry’s post-pandemic new reality. 

Keith grew up with a love and passion for music. From an early age, he started receiving training to enhance his technical mastery of voice on top of formal education in music and the arts. Milo attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, an institution that emphasizes the performing arts and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the most prestigious colleges for contemporary music worldwide. He majored in Music Business and Songwriting, turning into a multi-dimensional entertainer and artist with a strong entrepreneurial drive. During that time, Keith joined a few friends in creating a video that would go viral and reach over 3 million people worldwide. 

After college, Keith moved to Los Angeles to build a career in the nation’s entertainment capital. He would go on to work with artists like Akon, Solange, and Blac Chyna. Keith has learned to play the piano, guitar, and bass. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist made headlines after performing on High Times Magazine’s online channel via live stream and reached over 60,000 viewers. As lockdowns and quarantines would bring cancelations to various events all over the country, Keith would pivot into other forms of creative expression. A lover of fashion and design, he started creating a brand of men’s underwear. The idea for his business venture began when Keith realized how hard it was to find undergarments that matched his skin tone to create a seamless look when he wore risque costumes. From then on, he started working on a line of skin tone underwear and called it “MoodsxMM.” 

On top of his pivot towards the fashion industry, Keith Milo has also started working with “Right By Men,” a popular skincare brand for male audiences. In the future, the artist looks to create a partnered campaign that will include a new score of music. He has also executive produced the majority of his upcoming project while also collaborating with his fellow Berklee alumni, including Arnetta Johnson, who has toured with Beyonce.

As Keith continues to explore greater possibilities, he still has some tricks up his sleeve. He hopes to build a record label to mentor up-and-coming artists and will give back to causes that matter most to him. Keith also looks to bring more innovative ideas to music, fashion, and business, such as adapting virtual reality into art applications. To learn more about Keith Milo, visit his website and Spotify account.


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