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KFC Heiress and CEO of Madamemethven Prefers Million Dollar lingerie over Men for Valentine’s!

With Valentine’s Day upon us, Madame Methven ponders, which can you live with and which can you live without- lingerie or men? In her own words, KFC Heiress, Kaila Methven spills her secrets of what makes you orgasm more, a great bra that holds your boobs up or hot guy with a six pack…

“I have to be honest, at this very moment the only person I love most in the world is probably God and then myself, so, right now I’m definitely more into lingerie! I just think first of all as a woman you have to love yourself before loving anyone else and I mean that in every possible way- even if it’s just foreplay you have to be comfortable in your own body 100%. Right now. I definitely prefer slipping into some tight, bodycon lingerie and taking some great selfies in the mirror and showing them off on Instagram than being with a guy. I love to show myself off why not- I’m comfortable in my own skin and have learnt to love myself. Really that is why I started my lingerie brand, to make women feel confident and to start loving themselves more which is something the world is definitely missing.

Lingerie can make you feel confident, it’s like going to the hairdresser and getting your hair done and who doesn’t love a fresh blow out, we all do. Lingerie something that I always put on even in my normal days under my casual day clothes. It’s about how it makes me feel and how I treat my own self with love and respect. I feel empowered when I know I have some gorgeous lingerie on under my jeans and I’m the only one who knows!

Lingerie is definitely something very powerful and something very seductive. I definitely do use my lingerie to capture a man’s attention, what woman wouldn’t? Especially when I am wearing my own line! I’ve been doing this for so long and with my knowledge of fabrics and cut I know how to make the perfect set to really show off your best assets.

So, what do I prefer? We all love a guy with a sexy sixpack, but this Valentine’s Day I’ll take the lingerie and I’ll buy it for myself! Why? Because my message is to empower women and that’s what I’m doing this Valentine’s Day <3

The designer is excited to announce that she will launch an EDM lingerie and festival collection due to come out this spring, exclusively worldwide on She will also begin filming her unscripted reality show later this summer as COVID-19 restrictions ease where you will get to learn more about her personality, dating life, and businesses which is sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. 

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